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  1. Withdrawn due to lack of interest
  2. Here is the information from AKG on the K240's . . . they are definately pre-letter designation (prior to K240S, K240 D, K240M) AKG K240 Sextelt Cardan Sextelt 2
  3. Porcupine Tree - Voyage 34, The Complete Trip - Phase I, II, III, & IV
  4. I ran into some CD's I had purchased which I could not rip into my PC. That doesn't fly with me since I use a PC as a dedicated media player witth 24/96 audio card and currently holds about 20,000 high bitrate (many lossless) song files. Instead in made me determined to find a way to get the music I had paid for into my audio player - which happens to be a PC. I had found in many cases Exact Audio Copy or Plextools Pro (with Plextor drive) was able to perform a full digital audio extraction. One instance required opening Plextools then using EAC to rip the file (don't ask, it worked I don't know why). In the worst case, I had been totally unable to find any software which could see more than the first four tracks, with the remaing six tracks hidden within data files. On that CDS I resorted to a crude yet effective method . . . . . I was forced to allow the the CD-included player to install on my PC and then record each track with Total Recorder. Total Recorder works by intercepting the audio data prior to the sound card by emulating a sound card driver. After recording the data it is passed on to your true soundcard driver and you hear it as usual. The stream, software, player, etc have no way to detect that the audio is being 'tapped'. Yes this was a nuisence, but since the track times were on the back of the CD and the player displayed elapsed time the task was much less tedious, so I just put on my cans, listened, enjoyed, and recorded. The only other downside is that Total Recorder is not a free program.
  5. "Welcome! You've got alot of headphones there already, how do you like the K240 compared with the K501? Tell us more about your DIY Headphone amp post photos too if you can. " Thanks for the welcome N@Z! Yes I have alot of cans . . .too many I am going to get rid of either the HD540's or the K240's (maybe both). I am basically using the K501's as my main cans. The PortaPro's have become my 'bed-phones' since I switched to the PX100 for portable use. I am one of those nutty people that turns on the 'tunes' as soon as I am awake, and falls asleep to music with headphones in bed at night. The headphone amp I am currently using is a 'cheater' I am using temporarily until I get the cash to build a better unit (ideally I'd like something real nice for home use powered by a wall-wart and maybe a battery powered amp for portable use). The info on it is posted below. As far as my impressions of the K501 compared to the K240: I find the K501 to be much more open-sounding, cleaner, less muddy. The bass is much less predominant on the K501's but it is not (IMO) lacking, merely more balanced. If I increase the bass output the 501's will faithfully reproduce it, so thay are not lacking, just that they are not 'in-your-face-bass' type cans. ___________________________________________________________________ The amp I am using is built around a TDA2005 and I am powering it with a Radio Shack switchable voltage / regulated / class 2 wall-wart, currently set to 9 volts (or alterrnatively a 9V Alkaline). Here are the specs: D.C. Input : 8 – 18V at 1 – 2 A (15 - 30 VA minimum) Power output : > 4W RMS / channel, 4 ohm load 12V DC supply. THD < 0.02% @ 1W, 4ohms. S/N ratio : > 80 dBA. Frequency response : ~ 15 Hz to 50 kHz, –3 dB Gain : ~ 30 dB maximum. Input level : ~ 150 mV for full output It actually sounds rather good, which makes me think these cans can sound much better if I put the proper effort into an amp of the proper design. Anyway, here is the schematic for the TDA2005 amp . . . it has much fuller bass response than the other one I was using which has a LM1875T. The TDA2005, while having better 'stated' freq. resp. and richer bass, appears slightly less bright than the LM1875T. Then again I only did a side-by-side-comparison for a short time. http://www.geocities.com/lisarct/TDA2005-C...p2Schematic.jpg
  6. Here is a link to the page where the pictures are posted. Each picture is also a link to a much larger image. Cans 4 Sale - OR - Headphone Pic Folder
  7. Got new cans for Christmas Time to clear out some of the older stuff. AKG K240 - 1974 vintage - these are K240, but have no letter designation (S/M/Dm), I believe at that time there was only the basic K240 model available?? They are in good condition (particularly in spite of their age), fully functional, with New earpads! These have been openned to repair a bad connection (no surprise being 30 years old) so the metal emblems have been removed from the earpieces to access the screws. I also replaces the 1/4" plug with a 1/8" but will provide a 1/8 x 1/4 adapter. Sennheiser HD540 Reference - unknown vintage - purchased used. These have new velvet earpads and a new Sennheiser cable (1/8" plug), complete with 1/8 x 1/4" adapter (and old cable in case you wish to modify it into a homemade upgrade). They are in good condition and fully functional. I will post images later. I am entertaining offers or trades . . . . I am interested in a pair of CLOSED circumaural cans for home use, and will consider reasonable offers.
  8. What about gals? Hi! I am running all digital . . . . Terratec 24/96 Audiocard Creative SoundBlaster Live! (multi-zone audio system using 2 soundcards) AMD XP2100+ / 1GB DDR Ram / Win2K J.River MediaCenter 10 (beta) 20,000 digital music files (on hard drive, mostly lossless format ripped in 'DigitalSecure' mode) Headphone amp: Homemade solid-state Phones: AKG K501 & AKG K240, Sennheiser HD540 & PX100, Koss PortaPro. (I am considering some canalphones for noisey environments when portable). Cables/Interconnects: my next project is to make some.
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