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  1. WTB - Want To Buy Description of Item : Valgrind HD600/650 headphone cables Required Condition : Any condition Required Warranty : NIL Offer price : PM me Preferred Location : East/ Central MRT Preferred Mode of Contact : PM Contact Detail : PM
  2. Description of Item : B22 amplifier: http://www.amb.org/audio/beta22/ Condition : 8/10. Used item. Warranty : NIL Selling price : S$2300 FIRM. Lowballers please stay away. Not a firesale. Preferred Location : Self Collect from my home near Aljunied MRT as item is heavy. Preferred Mode of Contact : PM Contact Detail : PM This is a highly speced and versatile B22 made by Mr Majestic at Head-fi: http://www.head-fi.org/t/400095/sold-balanced-b22-amp-eu The Euro Exchange Rate then is higher than the current one. Not to mention shipping, GST and paypal fees. Features: 1) Internally: -Separate chasis for amplifier boards (top chasis) and power supply(bottom chasis) to minimise electromagnetic interference at the amplifier from the power supply - 2 Sigma power supply i.. Separate power supply for left, right channel. - Uses DRV134 chipset. Converts RCA input to balanced: http://www.ti.com/product/drv134 - Twisted Pear Audio's Joshua Tree 128 steps Volume Attenuator: http://www.twistedpearaudio.com/control/jt.aspx - Headphone/Speaker Switch Board. Can be used as both a headphone and Speaker Amplifier! 2) Externally in front: - Toggle switch for XLR or RCA input - Toggle Switch for speaker/ headphone output. - Balanced/ Single ended Headphone out 3) Externally at back: - Accepts both XLR and RCA input. - Speaker output. Have used it to drive Bookshelf speakers like Dynaudio BM6. Some Pictures:
  3. As above. Any length 1m onwards. Preferably UK terminated. PM me price and length/ termination.
  4. david watt


    Selling the XLR caps as listed below: 1 pair of Pure copper gold plated XLR cap (Male) 2 pairs of Pure copper gold plated XLR cap (Female) Specifications: 1) Made of pure copper, the best effective material to isolate EMI and RFI noise absorption. 2) The best 24 carat gold-plating techniques 3) Completely fit over unused connectors, protect them from oxidation, dust and corrosion. 4) Pure Teflon inside, the best material for isolation. 5) Non shorting design to reserve all signal from the source Review: "As I plugged in the XLR caps and hit the play button, I was shocked! Katie Melua's voice emerged with such delicacy and refinement. Her voice was free from grain and I could depict her better emotionally. Without the XLR caps, her voice was masked with a layer of whitish hash. This greatly impacted the nuances inherent in Katedtie's voice. Not only this, there was such incisiveness that was infused into the overall presentation. Everything seemed to be energized with better presence, higher density and more solidly portrayed within the acoustical space. Without the XLR caps, things seemed flat and lethargic, making listening to music a chores rather than an enjoyment." Quoted from: http://www.enjoythemusic.com/Magazine/equi..._audio_caps.htm Condition is near new - no signs of oxidation. Initially bought them as i am using RCA cables. Shortly after, i have switched to XLR and the caps are spare now. Bought them from MusicLink for S$48 per pair.
  5. david watt


    Description of Item : Valgrinds soniccaps 4.7 uf caps/ Valgrind LOD/ Valgrind Mini-mini IC Condition : 8/10 Warranty : Lifetime warranty from Valgrind Audio Selling price : S$420 FIRM package sale Preferred Mode of Contact : SMS Some comments from fellow forumers Roady(http://jaben.net/forums/index.php?topic=6204.0): "must say I’m rather surprise by the Valgrind sonicaps, at $200+, the tight deep bass, thunderous dynamics and snappy transients, sounded almost amazing. The Sonicaps also unravelled subtle harmonic variations with ease; I could hear their distinctive harmonic overtones much more clearly than ever before; in other words, I could better distinguish instruments, tonally, spatially, and harmonically through the imod. When I decided to write this review, I was planning to save some “face” for vcaps, but the brand new Sonicaps did trash my 400+ hours ALO vcaps! Feel rather stupid paying 3 times the price for the ALO now and returning this poisonous box back to Aron tomorrow, what a mistake to listen to it... If anyone out there needs another reason why you should pay $200+ to carry another bulk out that would be for the soundstage - wide, deep, precisely imaged." DoggieHowser(http://jaben.net/forums/index.php?topic=5034.60): "I was honestly pretty happy with my old setup: ipod 5.5 + Ultimate Silver + iQube + UE11 But having played with Tubeman's 4.7uF SonicCaps setup paired with iMod , keeping the rest of the setup the same, it's like I am listening to the song for the first time. Separation and clarity is just amazing. It's like I can now make out individual instruments I never even realized was there. Even when I was dozing off to sleep, part of my subconscious could still realize I was listening to something new. ps even if you aren't going for the iMod, I think it's well worth re-encoding to Lossless. I noticed big differences even with an iPod 5.5 and Hornet and triple fi setup." More reviews from this link: http://www.sgheadphones.net/index.php?show...t=entry104167 Personally, this is the set-up that has gotten me back into portable music after dabbling into home speakers setup. To me, this package is a whole new ballgame in portable listening yet still relatively compact. I am convinced in Valgrind Audio and thus am selling to make way for my upgrade
  6. david watt


    Description of Item : Beyerdynamic DT150 (New earpads and Headband) Condition : 8/10 Warranty : NIL - Local set from Distributor Peak Fusion Singapore Selling price : $180 FIRM Some information: http://www.sgheadphones.net/index.php?showtopic=1477&hl= http://www.sgheadphones.net/index.php?showtopic=1371&hl= Beyerdynamic DT150 is in perfect working condition and i have recently replaced its earpad and headband and stored in the box since, in effect it is physically almost new but the drivers are fully run-in I rarely use it as i am more into speaker setup now. Selling to fund other purchases. Preferred Location : Self Collect at Aljunied MRT Preferred Mode of Contact : SMS Contact Detail :92215923
  7. Valgrind charges me S$450 for the mod/recable. It is best if you can find time to try out the Valgrind recabled HD600 from Victor/Aaron. I have not tried the ED9 but i think someone has mentioned that performance wise they are nearly on par though naturally, the sonic signature is different. To me, there is a huge difference to the HD600 prior and after the mod.
  8. david watt


    WTS - Want To Sell Description of Item : As above Condition : 9/10. Opened to test in shop - Perfect working condition. Warranty : Bought on 27/12/08 from AHFartAudio (local). 1 month warranty by them. Selling price : $80 FIRM Full package (box, manual, warranty form by ahfartaudio, RCA, power cord). More information: http://www.dugood.com/product1.files/EA-600.htm Feature: Pure Class A suitable for 24-300 Ohm Headdphone Output 0.5W @ 300Ohm,2w @32Ohm Optimised for Sennheiser HD600 Impression at SgHeadphones Forum: http://www.sgheadphones.net/index.php?s=&s...indpost&p=92447
  9. Seeing that a few forummers here have either heard or own the Valgrind Recabled HD6xx, i will like to contribute my thoughts here. I received my modded HD600 from Victor/Aaron the Thursday before and have been running in the headphone since (about 120 hours) The mod involves two parts: - Removal of the acoustic foams in front and behind the drivers - Installation of the Valgrind headphone cable for HD600. My opinion of the recabled HD600 that it is very musical and enjoyable. It is able to evoke emotions from its presentation of the vocals- full of subtleties and very realistic. The other parts of the frequency spectrum are also beautifully presented: the delicate bowing of the violin strings with the vibrato effect ; the aptly quick attack and decay of the drums; shimmering highs from the high hats and cymbals that fade into silence. The sound appears to come from around the head. It is easy to tell the relative placement of the main singer and the accompanying vocals/ instruments with the blackness between them. The impression was made using my portable rig which consists of -iRiver H10 (Rockbox) -Valrind Soncaps (Acoustic Revive QR8 placed on acrylic casing) -iQube Portable Amplifier -Valgrind mini-mini cables (Canare F12 Termination)
  10. Regarding the wearing of the Westone 3, I have the same thoughts as Jim Barry @ Head-fi: "I find this a problem too. I was so frustrated that I actually came very close to returning the W3. But I have figured out a workaround. Here is a picture to illustrate the issue: The UM2 clearly allows to tip to go quite a bit further into the ear. My solution is to cut off a small piece from an old Comply tip and use it as a spacer to push the tip slightly away from the body of the earpiece: Here is the end result: Now I get the same isolation I had with the UM2, and the sound quality is great. The only problem is that when I take the earpieces out, the tips tend to get left behind (not a huge deal as they are easy enough to pick out of my ears). I might try applying a few spots of glue to the outside of the sound tubes, so that the tips don't come off quite as easily." For me, when i fit in the grey tips, i will not insert the tip fully into the Westone 3, but leave about 1-2mm of the nozzle exposed. I find that this creates a better seal for me and the image firms up.
  11. A repost of my previous impression: I am using the Valgrind Caps together with the mini to mini interconnects. To my ears, in general, they reduce listening fatigue so that i can listen longer and enjoy the music. Music sounds less harsh and thus more enjoyable. On tracks where there are a few guitars playing, the separation is there- i can make out the tune from each guitar. Prior to the valgrind, the tunes from the various guitars just sound "meshed" up. I also used the Westone UM2 IEM. The caps reduce the hissing when music is played back via the UM2. The caps also lowers the noise floor. This makes the music sound more "alive" admidst a quieter background. Details become easier to make out. There is more body to each instrument and vocal. Previously, without the Valgrind, the instrument/ vocal sound lack of "richnesss or fullness". From http://www.stereophile.com/reference/50/index7.html: Soundstaging or soundstage presentation is the accuracy with which a reproducing system conveys audible information about the size, shape, and acoustical characteristics of the original recording space and the placement of the performers within it. In my case, the sound stage does expand with the use of valgrind. Before the valgrinds, the instruments and performers just seem to be like sardines next to each other. With the valgrind, i can sense the space, both laterally and in depth, of the relative placements of the instruments and vocals.
  12. Those in-ear-monitors (IEM) that you can get off the shelf such as the Westone UM1, UM2; Shure SE530, Ultimate Ears Triple-fi etc comes with many tips so that you can find one that fits your ears, i.e. create a decent seal when the IEM is placed at the opening of the ear canal. Customs, on the other hand, are IEMS that are made for your ears only. You have to get an audiologist to make an impression of your ear canal and the IEM company will make a IEM based on that. This customised IEM does not come with any tips as the entire piece of IEM is meant to fit into your ear and yours alone. For customs, the drivers used might be the same as those IEMs off the shelf but the customs have an advantage in that, based on the anatomy of your ear canal, the drivers will be placed in an optimum position for the best audio quality.
  13. david watt


    As above. PM me price and condition.
  14. Back up again LOL: http://www.westone.com/content/265.html "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Colorado Springs, CO, November 19, 2008 — Westone Music Products is proud to announce the release of the Westone 3 on November 28, 2008. The 3 is the world’s first true three-way earphone specifically designed for personal listening. Built into every 3 is Westone’s 50 years of experience producing custom-fit products for the ear and over 20 years of designing and manufacturing in-ear musicians’ monitors for the world’s top performing musicians. Compatible with virtually any personal listening device, the unparalleled comfort and high fidelity make the 3 perfect for anyone seeking great sound and long-wearing comfort: audiophiles, business travelers, exercise enthusiasts, and more. The Westone 3 offers a unique sound signature optimized for the needs of the personal listener, with rich low-end response, detailed mids and articulate highs. The sleek new design showcases Westone’s commitment to comfortable ergonomics and fit. Each unit includes a “fit kit” with a selection of ten universal eartip options. A soft zippered carrying pouch, 1/8” to 1/4” plug adapter and inline volume control complete the package. The 3 will have a street price of $399.00. For more information or to find a local retailer, please go to westone.com/personallistening. Westone, The In-Ear Experts since 1959, has been at the forefront of in-ear monitoring technology since the early 1990's. Offering a wide range of custom and universal-fit products for music lovers and musicians the world over, Westone musicians’ monitors are used by acts ranging from Third Day and Switchfoot to Flyleaf and Nine Inch Nails. Westone is committed to superior customer service, with musicians on the development team, experienced audiologists on staff and knowledgeable technical support personnel available to answer any questions. For more information, contact Westone Laboratories, Inc., 2235 Executive Circle, Colorado Springs, CO 80906. Call toll-free 1-800-525-5071, e-mail music@westone.com, or visit westone.com/personallistening" More info: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f68/westone-...0/index242.html
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