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  1. thanks for the heads up guys. i guess MO no choice but cancel then.
  2. depending on how many units, i will hope that make it under A$200 shipped to Singapore. Based on a per unit costing, then yes, it will be over A$200shipped to SG. I believe local price is about A$220 in SLS, and online also selling about S$230. Ultimately if we talking 20units plus, my target price is under S$195 GST inc.
  3. Hi guys, its been a while since i last posted, but i came across a great deal on AT ES7 (black only!) Since I am in Oz, I will have to organise shipping to Singapore. Just wondering how many will be interested. Prices are as follows headphone: A$199/- postage: A$25/- Depending on the amount of interest...... I hope to be able to knock the price down by quite abit. Please bear in mind that, on a consignment of this, it is sure to attract 7% GST upon arrival in Singapore. Regards Sherwin
  4. try many times in Oz using free credits, never win ... so no longer play
  5. cannot work... because its very annoying, since i have two sim card. 1) australia 2) singapore so i want to be able to receive calls/sms on my australian mobile # when roaming, and use my s'pore sim card for outgoing calls and local calls within sg/m'sia
  6. Hi all, Does anyone know where I can source a SIM Card adapter that can do the following:- 1) Use TWO sim cards 2) Use two sim cards without any physical alterations 3) Use two sim cards concurrently without having to turn on/off 4) Be slim enough to fit in a reasonabily standard battery compartment Now i'm willing to make some one sacrifice if I have to:- physical alteration of simcards if it is the only way to use BOTH sim cards at the same time Please let me know. As now I have to lug around two phones, and its not fun. Now I know I can find in SLS phones that are imported from China/HK, but i do not want to use them for the following reasons. 1) No warranty 2) I'm currently on a contract - so no use buy new phone when I can get for free every time.
  7. I dont think Hi-MD is even that good??? TBH nothing really intresting, besides a 1gb disk... Still need silly cradle ah.... Might as well go and use Ipod. Then again my N1 died recently! IMO you are better off with an ipod, that can store your files and play your music, and also got a basic organiser. Altho a good point of himd is the fact that you can record on the run, something an ipod cant, but then again you have an iriver
  8. Sweat is a combo of salt/water, it will not do anything nice to your earphone to say the least
  9. Maybe Hung Bros. Not sure tho! Since I havent been back to SG in a while
  10. how can you tell if the wiring has been wrongly wired? does it play up? or must you just be careful when you connect it
  11. have you auditioned it yet? If so, how does it sound?
  12. i wouldnt think so, however the risk of customs inspecting the parcel is almost certain
  13. Have you taken a look at http://www.customs.gov.sg/ maybe you might like to email them explaining how many units you want to import and at what price etc etc etc
  14. how to braid? i never seem to get it? also how to do 1/8 > RCA (L,R)
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