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  1. Please recommend me a tube amp to go with Grado 325is. I'm thinking of getting the LD MKIV SE. But read on Internet that LD MK I+ will do the job. Not sure what is the sonic difference between hybrid and full tube design. Any experts to throw some light?
  2. any promo for CNY? Valentine's Day? please...
  3. my IPOD does not have the sad face. It has a big red sign that is circle with a slash across. Is there any successful DIY case that anyone can share their experience?
  4. Anyone has tried replacing IPOD Classic harddisk? My friend's ipod classic cannot be switch on, it has got a tick - tick sound when power up. Think the harddisk has crashed. Anyone knows whether is it possible to DIY?
  5. ok.. got the message.. will not buy from taobao.. which place is cheaper for UM3x? jaben or stereo?
  6. ha.. ha.. looks like nobody wants to fool around with $400++ getting it in shops in Singapore would cost around $500++ easily.. Hmm... $100++ savings.. tempting but risky..
  7. Anyone tried buying iem/headphones from www.taobao.com? Is it reliable? genuine stuff? Saw this from www.taobao.com quite cheap. http://item.taobao.com/auction/item_detail...0206661c3900037
  8. Thanks for all the replies. I'm inclined to Airport Express. Most likely to get one to try. If anyone wants to sell your Airport Express please let me know. Many thanks!
  9. Arrghh.. you are poisoning my mind... Now I'm getting interested. Can I confirmed that your music library is in your iMac and the music is stream wifi to the apple tv device which has optical audio out to your amp? Can the music library be stored into apple tv itself and play direct from apple tv without the iMac? If music are stored in the apple tv, does it sync with the iMac (or PC in my case) as well as sync with iPhone? Apple TV is quite an expensive investment, airport express is more affordable for me. Surfing some of the site also makes me worried about the "fate" for apple tv product line. Not sure is Apple interested venturing deeper into this product line. Could apple tv be on it end of life cycle soon?
  10. Thanks for the link. As for Apple TV, guess the price is alittle steep. I'm not so into watching video with this gadget, but I'm interested in getting digital audio out. I'm thinking of investing into Apple Airport Express, price is not too bad, but read some mix reviews on it. Some say the connection breaks, and some got intermittent breaks. But there are some who got it up and running without any problems. I'm interested to get a 2nd hand one to try, but hard to find it. If there is a 2nd hand Apple TV, I'm in for it too.
  11. Can anyone share your experience using Apple Airport Express to stream music from MAC/PC to home stereo? Thanks.
  12. Is this available for sale? Where can I get them?
  13. Thanks, but why is the bass not as strong and power as playing DVD movies? I even have a DVD audio CD, you know the Blueman group demo dvd audio, when playing that sond the bass is wow. But playing audio CD, yucks! low bass.
  14. Can anyone recommend where to get a pair of Effective Earplugs that is comfortable to sleep in? I need one that can block out noise effectively and is comfortable to sleep in. I'm current using the foam kind from guardian pharmacy. It is comfortable, but not so effective in blocking noise.
  15. what do you mean by stereo? I've checked the marantz sr5500 manual, it says that for PCM signals, it will output to the main left/right speakers only. I'm wondering is there anyway that i can configure the sr5500 to output to left/right and subwoofer for audio cd playback.
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