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  1. yeah.. figured that stereo electronics have them as well. i will only on music when going on long haul riding trips, other than that, it only serves as a 'wind' cancelling earbud. nonetheless, thanks for the concern and advise.
  2. hi thanks for the reply. where can i try denon earphones in sg?
  3. hi! been a long time since i come in here.. i need some recommendations, looking for in earphones, criteria as follows; 1) budget about $100+- 2) must be in ear cos i wear a helmet 3) 3.5mm straight pin jack (prefer not to be L shaped ones cos the L shaped ones cannot fit into my phone with silicon casing) 4) player: my google nexus 1 phone 5) genre of music varies, mostly metal any input will be much appreciated. cheers.
  4. looking for a PC soundcard as my onboard sound keeps giving me a interference zzzz sound.. looking for a decent soundcard.. those who have any for sale can PM me. thanks alot.
  5. oh ok.. i thought the distributor already stepped out in singapore cos in their website dont state the iriver office.. any idea where is their office or website address?
  6. what happened to iriver in singapore? i only see audio house selling outdated iriver products.. what happened to the newer models like x20 and clix? no distributor in sg anymore? read about pple in other forums shipping the newer models in..
  7. have a cresyn e630 which i use with my pda phone.. looking to change to creative ep630 or other models. any1 interested pls pm me.. thank you.
  8. set is sold to a very nice gentleman. thanks for all the offers.
  9. the wall plug is 1 round top and you flat vertical pins.. i believe the computer power plug also can use..
  10. not a very diy person so not sure how to change the voltage.. it is not the standard 3 pin plug.. any offers higher than 130 pm me thanks.
  11. yes i kept the box and will include the necessary wires.. bid away!
  12. current offer is at 120. will confirm the deal by this week.
  13. as above. little dot ld2++ tube amp for sale.. bought last year. used for about 10min to test.. believe many forumers out here can make use of this better than me. any offers above $120? pm me if interested with your quotes. cheers.
  14. IT show is coming.. i am looking for a 2.1 speakers as well.. watch movies and listen to music most of the time instead of gaming.. now using altec lansing 2.1 (forgot the model, the speaker base is round, is it atp3?) but will give it to my mom.. hopefully can get a value for money 1.. below 100 or 100+.. preferably with a headphone jack.. any advise? thanks..
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