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    Shure E4c, MS2i.
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    Meier Headfive , Cayin HA-1A(sold)
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    CEC TL-51XZ belt driven CD player, Lenco L75/RB300/AT430e ( Analouge Source), Modded Pionner DV380
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    Sun Audio 2A3 S.E.T Amp, Almarro 318B(N) S.E.T amp.

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  1. lol, thanks Looking to sell urgently, need the cash! (:
  2. Alessandro MS2is for sale. 300 firm *price drop! Please sms @ 94504056, thanks!
  3. Hmmm. thanks! New toys...only the AKG701 lor.
  4. wil

    WTB: RS-1

    Looking for Grado RS-1s. If u have a pair, email me @ merelyok@hotmail.com with condition and price. Thanks!
  5. wil


    Hey bro. i just remembered! I OWE U SOMETHING! check your pm! ( so sorry ! ) Im so tempted to sell away my old speaker rig to fund for a new amp and nice pair of cans. ( GS-1000 WOOHOO ). Im tempted to go for the RS-2 because it seems that many have said it to be more euphonic sounding than the RS-1 which is more detailed at the expense of the last bit of euphony ( i have heard the RS-1 but not the RS-2 ) Sigh. Decisions.
  6. wil


    I did actually. To me the headfive sounded more coherent while the ld2+ while not bad sounding at all sounded slightly sluggish compared to the headfive. Both were more more less equally neutral ( I would consider the ld2+ to be one of the more neutral tubed amps i've heard ). The MS2i seemed to have more synergy with the headfive. I would love to get my hands on the Cayin HA-1A again. ( i used to pair that with a Grado 325i. I still remember the sound...i fell in love with it! )
  7. wil


    The irony! i had the LD2+ before i sold it off to get the head five. LOL.
  8. wil


    Hey everyone. happy new year to u guys!!! Im thinking of upgrading my MS2i to a RS-2. Im using a headfive now. Was wondering if the amp is up to task here. Im probably looking at abit more lushness and lucidity to the music while retaining the MS2i's detail. Will it work? I know some would say tubes but budget does not allow for it!
  9. Go-vibe? Listening to "Coltrane plays the Blues" now. Got a new toy today as well. Meier Headfive.
  10. Duke Ellington & John Coltrane ( Impulse! )
  11. John Coltrane - My Favourite Things ( Live @ The Half note - From the Album " One Up, One Down" )
  12. Miles Davis - The Cellar Door Sessions ( Disc 2 )
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