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  1. You can email Ety to see how much it costs to replace the cable. The entire set has to be sent back to the States though, I think. A little inconvenient, but it's an official channel which should give you some guarantee and assurance. When you say plug, are you referring to the driver or the cable/connector?
  2. Best to let a doctor do it, since we have no idea where the safe limit is. The eardrum can be easily punctured, I should think.
  3. Not sure about Sennheiser, but Bose should be way above his/her budget. I'm sure Bose performs decently, but I don't think they're good value for money, since they are more about their branding than their sound.
  4. Check this out to see what stargazer is talking about: http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2010/08/the-secr...-cheap-earbuds/
  5. Not going to touch the website, but I'd hazard a guess that it's either a spambot doing its thing, or the site is dealing in fakes/rejects.
  6. Well, I'm not one for bassy 'phones, but lower impedance does not necessarily imply louder, and higher volume does not necessarily mean bad sound quality. It's all a matter of design. Besides, if you're going to be using a portable player with high-impedance large-diaphragm headphones, there's not going to be enough juice for the deep bass response. Ask your best friend for reviews
  7. Brand-new and sealed in original packaging, cord and carrying case included. Equal attenuation of about 20dB across the entire audible frequency range. http://www.etymotic.com/ephp/er20.aspx Good for loud concerts or other events where sound quality still has to be preserved. Bought a few pairs as I thought I might be using them more often, but it turned out to not be the case. Selling the spares at $20 a pair. Please PM if interested. Can meet up for collection, evenings at MRT stations along the NS line or on the west side of the EW line.
  8. I'm not too thrilled with vPost. They were good at first, but got slower, less responsive, more expensive and also more prone to errors (from personal experience, as well as feedback from other forum). Later, they also ran into problems with shipping ear/headphones and products with lithium battery. Not sure if it's been settled though, since I haven't used them in about half a year. Just made a new purchase - Sansa Fuze, going to try shipping with Borderlinx.
  9. radioactive28

    my diys

    Oh, that. Hmm, I hear shipping is a little on the high side, not prepared to shell out for an experiment yet. Thanks =)
  10. radioactive28

    my diys

    Been seeing quite a few DIY cables for customs being shown in this forum, quite tempted to do my own. Where do you guys find the small 2-pin connectors on the IEM side?
  11. Amazon ER-4P cost me USD170 + SGD35 for shipping via vPost. Not too expensive, really, if you don't mind the warranty issue.
  12. Well, SPUG is down again -__- Never mind, they're up again. The admins were caught off-guard, apparently, but they assured us events like this only happen once every 50 years
  13. Just a note about the IE8: get them from authorised and reputable retailers. There are fake Sennheisers floating around the market that are apparently virtually indistinguishable from the real stuff until you listen, and this is true for the IE8. The fakes were mixed into batches that even large retailers like Amazon received. Getting them from a good retailer should minimise chances of fakes and guarantee replacements, for peace of mind.
  14. Haha, was actually refering to pmartinez527, 'cos his/her post appeared within a day of this thread at Head-Fi. The rambutan is found only around this part of Asia
  15. They actually appeared to be coated with clear plastic, or perhaps clear enamel, which is why some people are have trouble recabling them - the presence of the coat really doesn't seem too obvious.
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