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  1. Sony H.ear on Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphone, Charcoal Black (MDR100ABN/B) for sale for $350. Can pair with Bluetooth Item is brand new sealed. It's a US set so NO warranty. Photo is the actual item itself Do note that this is the wireless version PM me to deal if interested
  2. Brand New Sealed Sennheiser HD 598 CS Item is brand new sealed for $150. Actual picture of item PM me to deal
  3. hi all, selling my hd650, comes with adaptor and original box, earpads need replacement. Looking for ***SOLD****, PM me if interested, thanks
  4. thanks for all the input man Yes i also agree that the SQ of 1st gen ipod shuffle quite good. Creative is rather too bassy for my liking. Never tried iaudio products and samsung players, anyone knows of a good place to test all of the players at one go?
  5. Yoz, im looking for a new DAP, whose SQ has to be better than the 1st Gen Ipod Shuffle. I want it portable, so no amps for me thanks! I have tried Iriver h340, Ipod 3rd, 4th and 5th Gen, not my liking, 1st Gen ipod shuffle still ok to me, looking for something better, welcome your comments.
  6. Crayfish hor fun at Hong Lim food centre (behind Chinatown Point), weekdays and sat till 2/3pm only
  7. I dont mind chipping a one-time amount too, let me know. Seriously I love this forum for the way it was in the past, a place to share and seek information.
  8. Definitely, I like the mood of Christmas, a season of joy and celebration
  9. Wow, hows the SQ compared to the old ipod shuffle? The old ipod shuffle's SQ was pretty good, if it's better, then I might get 1 too
  10. *SOLD to a nice chap * Package comes with: 1) Shure E500 earphones itself 2) Pouch 3) UNUSED (All New) Shure eartips: a) 3 pairs of hard(clear) tips (S, M, L) 3 pairs of soft(grey) tips (S, M, L) c) 1 pair of yellow foamies d) 1 pair of Shure tri-flanges 4) PTH (Push to Talk) device (unused) 5) Battery for PTH (unused) 6) 2 cables, 1 short(unused) and 1 long cable for flexibility 7) 1 Shure level attenuator (unused) 8) 1 mini to 1/4 convertor (unused) 8) 1 Unopened Shure User guide 9) Receipt and 2 years warranty Shipped on 12/9/06 9) *free black Smartwrap As you can see, item is in very good condition. All eartips are new as I have my own from a previous purchase of other Shure IEMs. Other items like PTH are also unused, selling because going for custom IEMs (Westone ES2), selling for *SOLD*, interested you can PM me, thanks
  11. I have decided on black cables with neon red earmoulds! Hope I dont regret my decision!
  12. Any idea how much the cable costs?
  13. Im thinking of black cable + neon red Am thinking of clear cable too, so will like your opinions
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