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  1. selling off this very nice pair of dual armatures iem. Got this to replace my dead ETYs. Have a similar sound to the ETYs but have the bass volume the former lacks, great for non-critcal listening. Selling cause i can't get used to the over-the ear wearing style and thus going back to the etys. Only used for a few hrs. Comes with receipt and full box set. Looking at 180(neg). contact at 985176twotwo
  2. hi all, looking to sell my Ibasso D1 to raise funds for some equipment. Main problem is the battery's dead and cant hold any charge at all. Therefore need to use ac adaptor all the time. So its bascially a desktop DAC/Amp. Other function wise no problem. Looking to sell it at sgd100 OBO. pm or sms @ 98517622 Sam
  3. 雷光夏(Summer Lei) - 黑暗之光
  4. Btw, someone is selling them in the buy/sell section too. Great pair of phones.
  5. I'll bring mine if there's still places left --- full house at the moment. Aron -- mind to put me on the backup list?
  6. 安妮朵拉Anniedora / 首張同名EP 汤旭-岛歌
  7. 范晓萱 -赤子 If ASOS's <变态少女〉is the Renaissance, then 范晓萱's 《赤子》 is 70's.
  8. 卡奇社 - 日光倾城 张悬 - 城市 苏慧伦 - 恋恋真言 PS: Personally feel this is her best album throughout her 20 years in showbiz. Did not appreciate this album back then in 2001. Perhaps age and life experience changed me........
  9. Looks aside, the mastering on this album is excellent i feel. I was very surprised when i popped the CD into my rig. Chinese Indie music are usually very shaddy when it comes to making albums. No concept and flow throughout the album, crappy mastering and the list goes on. They are in nature musicians, not producers. "La Dolce Vita" defies it all. All the way from the cover-art to the sound mastering, the quality is top notch. Further read on the net shows that the producer is a Japanese who is very particular about the sound quality.
  10. This is an album from 2007, but i love it. Waa/魏如萱- La Dolce Vita.
  11. Cool!, I think i'll do just that. Btw, what do i do after i register on Vpost? There dosent seemed to b a FAQ section on the Vpost webby. Do i just order the stuffs on amazon and ask amazon to shipped to the to the branch at california?
  12. hijacking the thread for a while. Anyone one knows if it is still worth it to get a D2+ these days? D2 is an aging player and it seems like the D2+ is a simple UI uplift. Assuming that i want one, is it still cheaper to get it via Amazon?
  13. hi, 6-800 secondhand can get you a really decent setup already. If i'm not mistaken, you were hearing a Bose setup at plaza singapura? Perhaps you can try going down to one of the headphone shops and have a listen to various headphones first. The shop owners are generally very friendly. Main reason for this is that every headphones/brands sounds differently. If you cant really hear the difference, then i would suggest you start off with an even lower budget and get cheaper headphones first. Then try to appretiate the difference between each headphones. By doing this, you will discover which type of sound/headphone you prefer. Btw, do you intend to bring the system around with you, like on train rides or overseas trips? If yes, then you will be going into a portable setup. If you only intend to enjoy at home, then you will be aiming at a home setup. Other than headphones, you might want to look for a decent source(cd player, mp3 player etc.) and possibly an amplifier. One of the reasons i dont encourage you to get an top-of-the-range headphone now is that in order for the headphones to present their full bloom, u will need a decent source and amplifier. Its getting extremely popular nowadays to play music from the computer. Especially when connected to an Digital to Analogue Converter(DAC) integrated with an amplifier. In fact, you can even port over the DAC if you wan to go into speakers next time. They are many more things to write about and many people may give different suggestions. You may want to dig up threads in the forum for more information. If you find this too time consuming, perhaps you can tell us what type of music you normally listen to and we can try to recommend a suitable setup for you. Not forgetting your current source as well and whether you like big boomy bass or piercing shrills of treble. Have fun
  14. Quantom--Is that a pair of Quad 11/12? With super tweeters? Anywayz, heres mine Sony X5000 - Benchmark DAC1 - Bryston BP20 - Odyssey Stratos - Dynaudio Acoustic BM6P. - Sony MDR CD900ST When i'm on digital playback, i usually bypass the bryston preamp and use DAC1's onboard preamp.
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