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  1. Sipher

    what kind of jazz?

    hi, to those who have heard "Fourplay" before, what kind of jazz music is that? also, can recommend me some CDs which are close to Fourplay kind of jazz? Thanks
  2. Sipher

    WTS Beyer DT880

    bump. still available
  3. Sipher

    WTS Beyer DT880

    hi all, i'm selling my DT880 due to low usage. bought it from Mackie's power buy about 1.5yrs ago(?) cant really remember(Mackie if u can remember pls tell me ). condition is very good. kept the cans in a dry box. no scratches. comes with the box as well. intend to sell it at $300. interested pls pm me. thanks
  4. Sipher

    Beyerdynamic DT880 enquires

    sorry for the ignorant question.. what's the price of dt880 now? been too busy to keep myself updated. hehe
  5. Sipher

    Recommend Good Headphones With Decent Bass

    ksc-55 is the clip-on i believe. if so, i have the ksc-50 which is behind-the-neck type. the sound quality is great for its price. beats any sony that i have heard of. 1 bad thing about ksc-50 is that it's rather tight and u might feel a pain behind your ears after long usage.
  6. Sipher

    Recommend a good earbud?

    av98m, which model of beyer can is that? dt-250?
  7. oh my....this thread is coming close to 100th page!
  8. Sipher

    JBL & Beyerdynamic sales!

    any good deals??
  9. Sipher

    HaPPy BirThDaY N@z !!!

    Happy Birthday, N@Z! hope u have enjoyed your day. keep up the good work in moderating the forum
  10. Sipher

    Anyone went to Creative Sale??

    those are the people camping there is it? haha
  11. Sipher

    Anyone went to Creative Sale??

    hmmm.. the juke box is quite cheap.. which model is it? got any pic?
  12. Sipher

    Have problem with marantz cd player

    i think u should send it for repairs since it's still under warranty
  13. Sipher

    Flavors of Audio Op-Amps

    2227 is 2.3 while 2228 is 10. i think. 2228 is used when the gain is 5 or greater. for cdp application, use which one?? did u listened to the 2227 with the setup in your sig?
  14. Sipher

    Flavors of Audio Op-Amps

    av98m, how does the 2227 sound like in your cdp? similar to what bpribadi said about 2228?
  15. the Original amp is a SS amp?
  16. Sipher

    Reccomendation for headphones

    i think u can request for an audition of the pmx-60 at hung bros? (not too sure about this) it's always better if u can have a listen to which ever cans u r intending to buy (if possible)
  17. Sipher

    Reccomendation for headphones

    u may want to try the Sennheiser PMX-60. it's a "round the back" headphone which cost about $60-70 (i have forgotten the price, sorry) Note: i have not heard the PMX-60 so i can't comment on the sound quality
  18. Sipher

    How to open paypal account??

    i've got the email too. tried to access the site which is stated in the email but it's not available....
  19. Sipher

    My CMOYs

    no problem
  20. Sipher

    My CMOYs

    Koba Electronics Address : 101 Up Cross St #03-06 People's Pk Centre Singapore 058357 Telephone : 6533 1672 would like to see some pics of your 4th amp, heady
  21. Sipher

    3Ch op based amp

    great work! looks like a commercial amp. though it will be better if the amp casing is black (i like black stuff)
  22. Sipher

    Recommend portable Cans

    i think the DT 231 Galactic is not single sided cord right? correct me if i'm wrong
  23. Sipher

    Recommend portable Cans

    that's not exactly a portable can
  24. Sipher

    What next?

    grados r said to be bright as well, that's my impression. do they sound bright to u?