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  1. Being in the audio game long enough, I agree that this is a subjective topic when we are discussing about sound however saying that reshelling a universal like TF10 with added drivers would not sound better than a full custom like JH13 because a full custom uses a "custom designed crossover" and "custom driver alignment drivers". Like I've mentioned the Westone ES3x shares the same parts as the UM3x universal except the custom shell and the driver alignment, this which the UM do too. Unless custom IEM uses a different set of special armature drivers with the need for special custom designed crossover, most if not all custom IEM share similar technologies with universal IEM. Yes, they will sound different to everyone but I really don't think its right to say which is better than which.
  2. The monster headphones do look pretty cool though...
  3. Actually if you look at the Westone ES3x full custom and UM3x universal IEM, they are the same except one is custom and one is not, both shares the same drivers and crossover. It would still be more fair to compare when you get to hear them so as to not pass others in the forum the wrong idea. (nothing against you but I was misleaded a couple of times on the forum and I don't want this to happen on others. )
  4. I've got a pair of Sennheiser RS160 from Stereo recently, its by far the best wireless I've owned. If isolation is a concern, get the RS140.
  5. I hope you own both to pass that comment, if not, its not even your personal preference but a wild guess.
  6. Collected mine yesterday and asked about the 6 and 8 drivers, 6 drivers reshell is $600++ and 8 drivers is $1000++, sending in another TF10 for 8 driver reshell this week.
  7. Got my Sennheiser wireless from Stereo not long ago, hate to wait and worry about online purchases.
  8. Hope my custom is in this shipment!
  9. bought a x-mini gen2 (slightly more expensive single speaker) for my friend during last x'mas, the best single portable speakers i think. You can test them at stereo.
  10. mine too. Email UM but never got any response...
  11. My friend got a Audio Technica ES55 for her x'mas, a smaller ES7 headphone. Available at Stereo.
  12. Is the A2000x in Singapore yet? I've only seen the W1000x and they are very comfortable.
  13. You should try the Maverick D1 at Stereo, absolutely great value. Built in DAC with opt/coax/usb input, tube and solid state pre-out, works great with computer or cd players. Most importantly, cheap.
  14. Visiting Stereo at PS yesterday has been a fruitful one, got my hands on the their 10k Naim audio setup and I must say they sound really good with the Ultrasone ED8 and Grado RS1. Interestingly the Maverick Audio DAC amp was hooked up for testing (burning in), it was paired with the RS1. Warm and smooth without losing too much details, that was my first impression... according to Aron, this can handle most headphones including Sennheiser HD800, Beyer DT880 or the AKG 701. Now it is sitting on my office table as I'm typing this post, at a price tag below $300, its a steal.
  15. Monster is quite a waste of time, tested them in HK recently, IMHO the Shure 840 which I tested side by side was more musical to listen to.
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