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  1. razer

    New Dynaudio multimedia speaker

    Yeah, whats wrong? Sounds great though....
  2. razer

    Music that bring tears to your eyes

    Nadia's Theme, a.k.a The Young and The Restless Soap opera theme song composed by Barry De Vorzon. Its a touching piece used in Nadia Comaneci's montage by ABC tv in 1976 when she scored the first perfect 10 ever in olympic history for gymnastics...Its so inspiring and dark and filled with tranquility and the silence at the start of the piece is so eerie.
  3. razer

    New Dynaudio multimedia speaker

    Late reply, but it was somewhere around 2k plus a little...
  4. It feels so good to be young....
  5. razer

    best headphones to buy?

    But this doesn't covers one's whole ear....
  6. Yeah, because I stay beside the sea so salt content in the air is high so is humidty especially when i open the windows to view the ships then wind blows like crazy and i'm afraid of the headphone plug tips get oxidised...Cause its a chore to clean them. So yeah, i keep them in a dry box...
  7. But the thing is, I'm picking up new songs are rediscovering musical enjoyment through my speakers as I talk..... Coz my speakers are connected and it takes little effort to flick on the two switchs on the 2 modules to get music pumping instead of reaching out into the dry box, opening up cases and taking out headphones and amps and plug convertors....And yeah, the cable running all over the floor....
  8. But the thing is, alot of people feel that spending money on them improves thier quality of life... At least for me it did when i was crazy about it....I can come home, take a hot shower and sit in front of my comp, turn on the air con and relax to soothing music played from speakers...That's some quality lifestyle....... Or say, chill in my living room and see the singapore flyer with its array of lights while listening to jazz....
  9. Seriously, this audio hobby is an overrated one. One has to spend so much to get back so little due to laws of diminishing returns. People who claim that spending 10 grands on certain equipments is a justifiable act are simply nuts because they have a very high expectation of things and in thier mind, its screwed in deeply and instilled upon them that any increase in audio enjoyment or by the slightest percentage equates to a whole new different level of audio bliss. They get overly excited by that slightest increment because most of them are in some ways perfectionist and want the best out of their system. To them, probably even 50 grand would be justifiable even if it means squeezing that extra 0.01% of deeper bass and wider soundstage out of their system. I may be wrong but that's how i view it after venturing into this hobby. I had to admit that at the later stage of the hobby, I was more interested in collecting cans than actually listening to them and honestly speaking, at both headphone meets, neither the L3000 through the yamamotos or say the edition 9's through some amazing 10k CD player actually impressed me alot. They just sounded really nice and neat but nothing amazing. Its just, hmmm, ok, well, that's it? You mean I have to spend another 3 to 4k to have something that sounds just like that? That's it? So yeah, its really a sit there idle, spend money hobby. Not much skills involved.
  10. Well, I don't know what to say. But ever since i got my desktop speakers, I've not used my headphones ever since. The speakers are so much more convenient and probably only thing i need is a sub woofer cause sometimes i like the bass deep and loud but that's about all. I see countless threads around forums on the same old stuff, HD650......K701.....mylars....its just so uninteresting to me....
  11. Just wondering if any of you guys ever get bored of this headphone obsession? I gave it a thought and realised that I'm always on the move. At one moment, I'm probably interested in headphones and would spend chunks on them. Then suddenly, I'll move on back to splurging on bicycles....And the next moment, after i got my license, i was looking and thinking of cars. And the next moment, poof, just downed 4k for a new comp. Its like a never ending cycle....And when I look back at it, all these seem to be wants and not needs and seriously, they don't help you gain anything but satisfy that materialistic want inside you. For now, I'm just spending more time with friends, hanging out and listening to music occasionally and I've not touched a single headphone for quite some time.....Wierd huh? Its kinda like a hangover from excessive drinking.....Anyone out there having similar feelings or experiences to share? Oh yeah, just look at the numerous threads on headphones and amps, they all revolve around the same few products. Cardas cables and HD650, go vibe dacs and amps, mylar earphones.....Isn't it plain boring? Its been months and years of discussing and seriously, non of these things sound greater than a live band concert at the esplanade or say sydney opera house....
  12. razer

    Grado GS 1000 Owners

    Hmmm, I guess reviews aren't exactly accurate because I feel that many people give a pair of cans great results due to them paying alot of $$$ for it or probably because everyone else over at say head-fi or head-case says so. (note: its not a general assumption but its the feeling i get after browsing through forums all over the net....) Trying the GS-1000s from RA-1's, HA-02s, Gilmore Lites, GS-1s, and the list goes on with many sources and amps, what I'am hearing is the same old boomy bassed and laid back mid sound. Its just not balanced. I know what you say when we talk about system synergy but nope, I ain't getting any of it on my GS-1ks. I've got two pairs to try them both out and nope, they both sound the same out of any system. Its just not my cuppa tea. Oh but wait, they do sound a little better when I'am listening at lower volumes. I guess its because of the bass that makes more presence in the music thus at lower volumes, it doesn't feel as overwhelming as opposed to hearing them cans at my usual volume. But note, its just a slight improvement. Other than that, these cans are crap.
  13. razer

    Grado GS 1000 Owners

    So I guess I'am the only one who disapproves the Grado GS-1000's sound. And probably the Hf-1's as well. I feel that these two headphones sound mediocre out of anything I've tried them on. From GS-1 to HA-02 and then the blackcube linear and the RA-1, I hated them GS-1ks....
  14. Wahh...gfgfmoses, that noodle eating pic!?!?! Why?!?! Lol.... Let me guess, the left and right channel was mixed up? The red and black should be swapped the other way round...
  15. razer

    SG Headphone Meet 2007 - Update

    You missed all the fun!