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    Headphones: Senn HD600, Beyer DT880-32ohm, ath-M50, LCD2rev1, rev2 and LCD3 Earbuds: Yuin PK3, OK3, PK1, OK1 IEM: Ultimate Ears TripleFi-10 pro
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  1. Selling mint condition DACmini CX in stock configuration (no mods) at $500 firm. SMS to nine 8-1-9-2-7-2-9 Location: Harbourfront / Vivo City
  2. Purchase less than 2 months ago (Still got receipt). Decided to sell to fund for JVC DX1000. Perfect condition. Selling for $1800 firm. Location: Vivo City/ Harbourfront. SMS to Nine 8 1 Nine 2 7 two 9.
  3. Check out UE Triple-Fi 10 pro. Yes it's double your budget but if it fits the bill, I suggest you save up and go for it instead. Another IEM to check out is HiFiMan RE0. For normal earphones (not IEM), check out Yuin PK3, OK3 and PK1.
  4. Look for monsterlim. http://www.sgheadphones.net/index.php?showtopic=11716
  5. Cool! Pre-ordered liao. Can't wait!
  6. Our brains are "wired" differently. Our ear canals are formed differently. So many variables. I wouldn't be bothered by the 6 items cos one can list negative attributes of HD800 in a small review as well. IMHO HD800 mids are kind of lean and could do with more body. One can never deny that HD800 is soundstage king. Very few headphones can match it. I find it impressive too but I also feel that it's kind of artificial at times. It all comes down to personal preference and taste. Take comments with a pinch of salt. There're always two sides to every coin. HD800 and LCD2s are two very different headphones catered for different camps of listeners. Some people own both cos they find them complementary. Just my 2 cents. Cheers!
  7. Are all the bugs fixed with the firmware update?
  8. Brought my LCD2R2 with Lyr to friend's place and hook-up to his OPPO BDP-95. Even 16 bit 44khz FLAC sounded wonderful. Really good stuff!
  9. I tried it with different headphones it's still the same.
  10. Anyone getting distortions at high gain?
  11. Received my JDS Lab O2 couple days ago. Have been running in. First impression is pretty good. Lots of drive, sounds "big" if you get what I mean . Don't even need to pass 11 o'clock on the vol knob on my LCD2s at normal gain. Rather analytical, can be too bright on certain recordings. I'm getting very bad distortion when I switch to high gain even at low volume. Not sure if it's the opamp. Will roll some opamp and see.
  12. Could recommend you audio technica ATH-50M. But also not circumaural. why not go down to stereo or jaben to try out the various Audio technicas, shures etc. Best to try it yourself.
  13. Can it be solve by rolling the opamps? Just purchased a fully assembled O2 from JDS Labs, arriving next week I hope. I'll probably be rolling the opamps.
  14. Its screen is actually slightly larger than iPhone 4. Then again it's meant to be a Reference DAP
  15. Apparently you can if you install an android video app. Reviews are in. Seems to be a winner. http://www.head-fi.org/t/592076/ibasso-dx1...00-images-video
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