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    Trusty Sony FM radio.  
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    iPod Shuffle + E500
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    I ♡ Music! Mostly Rock, Pop or Metal. <br /><br />Musical preference:<br />I cannot tolerate sibilance, too much treble or too much bass. Analytical or musical sound goes well with me. For example, I find the MS2's treble a little harsh and bright. Its bass is a little light in comparision. If it has more bass or less treble hump, it should work for me. It is a pity, I ♡ MS2's smooth sound.
  1. It is no good at all. Bad. After 'live' boardcast times, it gets worse. Audio even lower.
  2. Sorry din visit this site for some time. Will join when I login to change my squad later in the week. I also din update my squad for a almost a month!
  3. These days, mooncakes come in many fancy boxes. Throwing them away is what I always do and it is a waste given the state of today's environment and Earth's resources. So either recycle them or: Nice box, such sizes are the best. It is slim too! Open the left flap, magnetic closure! Another way to store your Alessandros/Grados. But it is quite unlikely I will use this as I have the grado case already. Sorry for the poor pics!
  4. WTB CDs: Kane Roberts' Saints & Sinners and any Weird 'Al' Yankovic album except 'Off the Deep end'. Anyone? Pls pm your offer.
  5. I say its excellent! I got 4 way back last year. Used 2 and keep the other 2. Recently just last month, I used the other 2, its just like new.
  6. I've the black album too and many of its singles like Unforgiven, Sad But True, Nothing Else Matters, Whereever I May Roam etc. Actually, I have the normal Enter Sandman single and this smaller disc. My black album is also the Made In USA version, comes in a long cardboard box that import CDs used to come in.
  7. Haha so I won the prize that I offered. u're very close, very close.
  8. Lets say you are a fan of Metallica and don't have this. How much will you pay for it? It is a 8cm CD single. Smaller than the normal 12cm discs. I think it is quite rare these days as I never see them for sale anymore and I have only one of it. CD singles are quite rare these days too! Sorry for the blurry pics!
  9. I also dun have black foams but mine are last year's 1st/2ndbatch.
  10. Yup ur findings/tots are similar to mine. Bass is lacking a bit and its mids can be a bit flat at times. Using the EQ to boost bass is better than the Megabass. The UI is very good. BTW, W880i's keys are a little small?
  11. Dolores O'Riordan - 'Ordinary day' Her album not release yet, so have to make do with YouTube. Find her voice familar? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gvd9rysjn8
  12. lol the controls for music player on SEs are very good. 3 ways control. 1) When holding in ur palm, use the joystick to play/stop, forward/rewind. 2) on the table, use keypad 4,5 and 6. 3) When holding in ur hand, use the dedicated play/stop and vol keys to that but have to press and hold for 2 sec, if not it adjusts the vol. My K800i is quite responsive, at least never hang before. Song transition has no additional hissing. The problem with the N series is that it can do many things, therefore, slowing it down.
  13. I bought snow patrol's eyes open album SG version at $11.90. Quality is very good but the inlay is only a piece of paper folded in half!
  14. I dun have experience with other brands of phones but SE has one of the best sound. As far as I know, the current SE models should sound the same. As for Walkman Vs Cybershot, the sound quality is the same. Tried my K800i against friend's W810 and W850. The difference is that the Walkman series has better music player software. It gives u more choices in searching for songs like 'Album, Genre' etc. And it has a more colourful or should i say attractive interface. In the K800i, u only have 'Artiste, tracks and playlist' and its presented in a dull grey colour. These are the differences. Sound wise, my friends and I can't tell. U can use a 3rd party 3.5mm adapter but look around and get a better one. There're many cheap and lousy ones out there. As for me, I'm using a HPM-70 which has a 3.5mm jack. Just dun expect it to replace your player. Not quite there yet but close enough to be acceptable for me and good enough to the countless SE users out there. Also, the latest SE models uses the Sony M2 card and the current max is only 2gb, which is definately not enough as u can do many things with the phone like movie clips and the countless games out there. 4gb is on the way but it will be very ex. As always, Sony MS cards cost a lot more than other brands/formats. U win some, u lose some I guess.
  15. No la. Send it back to them and they give u a new set. But i din send as I only asking bout it. But they sent me eartip samples a few times and a new case.
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