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    HF-1, ER-4S with custom earmolds from Jaben, W1000, HD600 with equinox cable, K701
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    Cmoy, Zen Headphone amp (dying), Twinkle amp, Xin supermini IV, Darkvoice 336i (Pinkie-modded) (sold), Beta22, mini3
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    Cambridge Audio Azur 540C Version 2, Imodded ipod photo 60G, sony D321
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  1. design a pcb and make a kit! p2p is too chim for the bulk of us!
  2. wow this amp is old school. may I ask where you got the case from?
  3. i think you can confirm it in 2 ways, but i might be wrong (1) if you have a 1/4" to mini cable or something like that, you could plug that in, then use a multimeter to test that there's continuity from the RCA - headphone jack. If there is then it's not a connection problem. (2) change the jack! unless it's soldered to the PCB, and I don't think the locking ones can be. it should be fairly straightforward. The other lesson could be to mod parts at your own risk!
  4. can you tell me where i can buy bare runs of the crystal cables?
  5. loop_


    have you guys tried this game yet? http://shn28.mybrute.com/ become my pupils and give me more XP!
  6. First off, I have no personal experience with marantz cdps (I own a Cambridge audio 540cv2, which is great but has no headphone out). From what I've read, the cd6002 has had very good reviews and for the price is well worth checking out as an entry-level cdp. I think if you search some of our (very) old posts there are some by previous mods talking about the headphone out of marantz systems. from what I recall I think most people agree that they are very good for the price but of course you can do better with a good headphone amp. nonetheless, it will trash an ipod, and I think your current setup as well. I'd go for a new rather than older model that is no longer manufactured. the technological improvements are more evident in cdps, because they use DAC chips. I suspect some would strongly disagree with this view.
  7. heady! please do a full review comparing with all your sources. would be much appreciated! actually I've already bought the parts from amb but yet to do so for the other parts, but am feeling very lazy. A favourable review might well act as a spur....
  8. many thanks for the review Heady! haven't been active here for awhile....query: what's with the number of usb dacs you own?!?!
  9. can't believe you sold it!!! anyway thanks for the review. i wish i had more time (and $$$) to build another amp, but sadly i think i'm going to have to wait till my retirement (about another 40+ years i think)
  10. looks awesome. what caps are you using? how does it compare to the b22?
  11. loop_


    i'm not surprised that happened. I recently opened my K701 (thinking of doing a diy recable at some point ), and it uses some very high gauge wires which aren't exactly the hardiest.
  12. many thanks for the suggestions everyone
  13. Hi all, could I get some quick advice. what's a good small mp3 player in the market? one that can be used for sport? not looking at ipods. also, is there any 'knowledge bank' websites which review these things in terms of sq? many thanks in advance
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