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  1. mouz

    DIY RA1 Parts

    Go contact Alvin, he used to sell diy stuff here. Think he might have a few sets of RA1 PCB sets left. http://www.sgheadphones.net/index.php?showuser=4099
  2. mouz

    CMoy Questions.

    It's all in here bro. http://tangentsoft.net/audio/cmoy-tutorial...layout-0150.pdf
  3. Wah, u damn fast leh, I haven't even got time to order the parts yet. The ones I've made so far are in plastic and cheap, about 15-20 SGD. BTW, guy with the laser cut services only accepts cdr files(corel draw). Just a tip, it's better to print it out on paper first and cut out the holes, test the template before sending it for cut. I had to edit AMB's dimensions a bit here and there to get the y1 template to fit proper the last time. I got no sources for metal plates yet, really hoping someone would throw me a bone here on this....
  4. Sure Not a prob. Btw, I will be out of the country from 13-21 of this mth.
  5. Haha! I don't mind man, with the shipping costs saved, u deserve that plate of chicken rice
  6. Nice! Thanks for everything, Heady!
  7. I hope so too, for all our sake
  8. Prices yet to be confirmed lah, but a set made out of acrylic is estimated to be around $20 (hopefully less). Those interested please copy the list from doubletaps post and add yourself to it yah? It'll make my job in keeping track of who is interested alot easier. Thanks!
  9. Hi guys, just started an interest check for face plates. If u're interested, just make your way to the classifieds and add your name to the list. http://www.sgheadphones.net/index.php?show...=0entry119150 I'll see if I can get this done in aluminium this time round but no promises yah?
  10. Hi all, for now this is gonna be an interest check, which will be updated into a group buy later on. Prices are not confirmed yet as we have yet to perform the following. Material used will probably be acrylic again, will try to get aluminium ones done if possible. 1. Build Y2 2. Make sure paper templates fits casing. 3. Contact contractor for quotes. Payment will be by bank transfer. Will update as we go along, don't be surprise if this drags for months as I'll be quite busy in the future. Just bear with me yah? For those who are interested just copy the list below and add your name to it. Cheers! Y2 face plate group buy participants 1. mouz - 1 set 25/10/09: Setup of group buy cum interest check. 26/10/09: Acrylic face plates estimated to be less than $20 but yet to be confirmed.
  11. Should be able to hit 10 lah, I just roped in another guy to join the y2 grp buy. Now just wait for his response
  12. Hi Jojo, Heady's pretty strict about discussions in sales thread. You might wanna ask questions here. http://www.sgheadphones.net/index.php?showtopic=10166
  13. Hi Heady, will take one set of y1 and one set of y2, thanks!
  14. Haha, dont blame you lah. I'm still sitting on the fence on whether I should get another y1 PCB to prevent dismantling my current one. Moolah kinda tight too
  15. Thanks for the heads up! U using the old y1 with the y2?
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