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  1. There used to be a very informative review on the DT 990 but can't seem to find it anymore...
  2. 1. iewgnail - 2 set 2. ezzo - 1 set 3. redstx - 1 set 4. mouz - 1 set 5. DemonicAngelz - 1 set 6. adn6244 - 1 set 7. heady - 5 sets 8. kross - 2 sets
  3. For the engraving part...I might be able to help if the volume is small, as a service to this group buy. but since I am doing it foc, i can't promise on the quality...but again...it shouldn't look too bad
  4. kross

    DIY CD transport

    just a side-track...i remember watching a very funny video on youtube, that's a dubbed version of 'Infernal Affairs' but talking about CD-pro 2..very funny..dunno whether you guys watched it before?
  5. is the noise so humming noise?? I used to have this when i have ground loops..
  6. hmmm...interesting huh..maybe when the cd is too old, too many data cannot be read, thus resulting in a lower quality sound. well, right now i also can't afford those mega expensive transport so I think I can live with a few bits of error correction. But again, even if I can afford I don't think I want to spend that much just to listen to those few bits... I pursue better sound quality to enjoy music better, but not to perfect the sound.
  7. Btw, correct me if I am wrong Heady. My idea of using a dac is that it takes over the job of the cdp dac. so in this case, whatever raw data read from the cd is passed straight to the Monica for processing, instead of using the cdp own dac. Am I right? So will I make any difference in using my cd6000 as the source or a cheap discman or whatever with an digital out as a source? Right now, I got a feeling that i am under-utilizing my cd6000 by taking away half of its job...lol
  8. haha...bought the exp case cos like the solid look... anyway, how do u use the monica if you dun have a digital input to it?? cd6000ose should have digital out i tot??
  9. Haha...din know that ck and heady both of you have also bought the Monica. I also bought one, thanks to ck's recommendation... Just fixed it up 2 weeks ago..got some ground loops issue then...really headache.. hmmm...are we using the same casing Heady? looks similar huh...I din buy the SS stage cos I am using it to power my headphones. you all linking it up to your speakers? How does it compare to the amp6?? Anyway, after a few listens, I can say that the dynamics are better. More harmonics, so the music feels 'warmer', more 'analogue'? makes my headphone sounds a little more upfront though.
  10. Hi Heady, ok pls give me 2 sets with ONLY 2x "U4 - OPA690ID " as I have 2 extra pieces of AD8397ARDZ. Thank you very much. Haha, ya, diy fever very hard to cure huh.. I also just finished another project. Anyway, the Mini schematic build is similar to the PINT, and also using the same op-amp so I was wondering how the sound is going to compare. Any idea from the headwize threads?
  11. Hi Heady, I want two sets of the Mini3 options 1. If it is possible can I take out the 2 AD8397ARDZ because I have spares? Otherwise it is ok. One thing, what about the other common parts, such as the reisistors and capacitors?
  12. yo Heady, starting another project?? I thought you have the PINT already? I should be interested in 2 sets in 'high performance' version. When's the dateline?
  13. Great, glad that you are enjoying the k701 and finally realize that the soundstage is not narrow at all It really opens up after some burn-in.
  14. kross

    Amp6 Basic

    Hey Heady, how is the SQ?? so small powerful enough to drive bookshelves?
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