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  1. Ok thanks bro, looks like ebay is my only source
  2. Also I was wondering if they carry shoes in thier outlet? Something like this:-
  3. Almost the same price over here in kl...hmm...thanks for the info.
  4. Hi, I was wondering how much it is sold in SG, Lacoste polo shirt, the simplest ones, no stripes nothing fancy. If it is cheap I might go down SG to sapu some during greatsingaporesale by the end of the month. Thanks for reading. rgds Darren
  5. Greetings! I'm selling this 1/4-1/8 adaptor since I don't use it anymore after I got my SOHA. Bought Nov 05, it's in like new condition as I seldom use it as well. Asking for USD15 shipped to SG. Accept only non-credit-card funded PayPal. rgds Darren
  6. My humble home setup: Headphones: Grado HF-1 Amp: SOHA Source: 5G iPod Others: Sky Blue mini interconnect, Universal dock.
  7. Greetings! I'm selling this brand new 10" Sky blue mini v3 mini to mini interconnect. Reason for selling is that it's too short to pair with my setup. Asking for USD35 shipped. Accept only non credit card funded PayPal. rgds Darren.
  8. I have a Sendstation Pocketdock, it doesnt let my iPod control the volume either. OMG looks like I got a dock with headphone out instead of line out
  9. Greetings, I bought a universal dock and planned to use the line out from the dock and pair with class ab amp. To my surprise, I still can control the volume from iPod itself. Is this normal? Ain't the line out bypass the preamp in iPod and the volume can only be controlled by headphone amp? edited: title changed to line out instead of true line out. rgds Darren.
  10. I use this banana hang-ups.
  11. Futura

    pa2v2 amp

    5G iPod -> alac -> pocketdock line out -> pa2v2 -> HF-1/HD600 Couldn't hear the difference at all if compared to iPod headphone out Maybe there is very minor improvement, but since it's not noticeable on my setup, don't think it is worth $100 for that tiny little step up.
  12. Thanks Charis for your comments on HD650. Guess I will get them online instead of buy it retail. Save a lot I think. Have been reading some posts in head-fi praised about how amazing and accurate was the K701...
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