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  1. This is still available. Any reasonable offers will be considered.
  2. I won't wear it even if someone paid me to. Well, PM me offers if you want
  3. Haha ya man. Don't trust headfi entirely. Sometimes people get a little too excited. But I think it is going to be the best universal fit IEM in the current market. This is true. Don't trust any forum or impression entirely. If possible, try to listen to them and always do as much research as possible. Now i feel i can trust certain people as our sonic preferences are similar. Others, i take with a pinch of salt. For me personally, i like headphones with a slightly treble roll off. So no 325i or 880 or sa5000 for me. Rs-2, hd650 or ad2000.
  4. Hey guys, I was at the NY meet and i managed to listen to the e500 for about 30mins. Honestly, i can't really say much other than, i'm going to sell my e4c to get the e500. But i have no use for the PTH. So i may wait until Shure releases a version without it. It'll be cheaper and more affordable for me. Maybe i can say a little about them. There are the most balanced iems i've ever heard. I've owned the er4p ( which i hated ) and e4c. The e4c sounds a little dull without proper eq. The e500 sounds perfect out of the ipod 5g. When i compared them to the super.fi-pro, the e500 had a tighter bass and more sparkling highs. Shure told me burn-in is not needed for their iems. Anyway, can't wait to get my hands on them. Good luck to you guys.
  5. I think you can get the russian tubes from martin electronics in burlington square which is just besides well audio lab (#01-43, selling NOS tubes), they do have electro harmonix... Wow..if this is true, consider it bought...lol. The amp is already amazing. If it improves anymore, i can consider this to be a giant-killer.
  6. Where can we get the russian tubes?
  7. After you passed me, i suddenly remembered i also dun have the plug. So i went to one of the store to buy. If i waited one more min, i think i won't be able to listen tonight too.
  8. This is a bloody nice amp. It makes the hd580 livelier. I can't wait to hear it with the ad2000.
  9. Haxyer, Thanks once again for the MO. It was nice meeting you. Good luck in tekong
  10. Just send me an sms and i'll come racing down tonight.
  11. Hello, HD580 for sale. I need to buy the AD2000. Yes NEED, not want. So, PM me with a reasonable offer. The "veil" foam layer has been removed and the headband pad needs changing. Otherwise, perfect working condition.
  12. confirmation print out should be fine. It should be whatever value we paid.
  13. Seriously, if a person with open earphones sit beside me, i'd tell him/her politely to turn it down or buy a closed pair. It's bloody irritating. Well, then again, i use my e4c all the time now. So i've no problems with crying babies, open headphones, cell phone rings, talkative aunties etc... The bliss of iems.
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