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  1. Virtually brand new - they're not even a week old. Original price at Stereo: $1,299 Selling for: $1,200 Comes with all the accessories, plus Stereo's two year warranty.
  2. Message me if you're selling.
  3. Hi guys, I've been hunting around for such a cable to hook my Android phone up to its portable amp for AGES, but I haven't found one that's short enough (about three, four inches long?). One that's like the cable the fella in the attachment owns. Any ideas?
  4. Hey, Need some advice here. I've got a pair of AKG K702s hooked up to my Xiang Sheng 708B amp. I've noticed of late that when I play really bassy tracks, I hear a buzz from my headphones. I suspect it's my Xiang Sheng, because when I use another pair of earphones to test for the buzzing, I hear it too. Could this be due to faulty tubes - or worse, a problem with the entire circuitry? And if it is, where can I bring my amp to have it fixed? I'm a complete noob at this, I can't handle a soldering gun. Thanks.
  5. Here's my experience. I bought an AKG K702 off eBay, new and unopened, and when the left side gave me trouble, I sent it to the local authorised shop to have it repaired. It was just a couple of months old, but the fella refused to accept the warranty, and charged me for the repair. The amount was a pittance but the fact remains that the local guys can and, it seems from my experience and that of a few others's here, will stick you with a bill for stuff you get online. Then again, I did save almost 200 bucks thanks to eBay ... Was it worth it? Hell, yeah.
  6. Guys, just do what I do. Visit HMV for certain labels, like BIS and Harmonia Mundi, because they're very competitively priced. Otherwise, and for hard to get labels like those European boutiques, do it online. MDT (www.mdt.co.uk) has the best prices, especially when they have a sale going on.
  7. Don't have his contacts. Could someone PM me?
  8. mosterlim doesn't seem to exist anymore. Does anyone know of other local dealers here?
  9. Hey all, Anyone knows how much the AKG K702 is going for here?
  10. Related question: The right earphone of my SR80 has gotten UNHINGED from the headband. You know, where the swivelling steel stick extends into the earphone - and the thread's totally gone now. Any ideas on how to fix this besides injecting some super elephant glue into the earphone (which would thereafter prevent it from swivelling freely - eek)?
  11. The usual questions, since these headphones are on my to-buy list: 1. Are they available here yet? 2. If yes, where can I audition a pair? 3. Price? I've read that they're similar to the AKG 501s, but have more extended treble and bass - which would be great, seeing as the poor bass response was what kept me from getting them. Anyone heard them yet?
  12. From what I've read, they're both excellent for the type of music I listen to exclusively - baroque music of solo instruments, sonatas, quartets, concertos, symphonies, cantatas, and humongous choral works - and the occasional opera. Not everything is laidback - in fact, I have more pieces that are in your face than sedate. Which headphone has the bigger soundstage (headstage?), better detail (timbre and tone), and is less fatiguing? (I have the SR80, and boy they really hurt the ears after awhile.) The 880s are about 50 bucks more - 50 bucks I don't mind splurging if it's worth it.
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