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  1. I used to own an ER6i, which i liked very much. Once it broke down, I bought an UE SF5Pro after a short audition. It was initially impressive, because of deep bass that Ety lacks. But overtime i began to dislike SF5Pro. If you are using triple flange on ER6i, chances are you will find it very hard to get used to rubber tips of SF5Pro. I used to get almost perfect seal with the triple flange, but after 8 months of trying different rubber tips i still cant get anything near that on SF5Pro. If you are into foam tips then i don't think you'll would find adjusting too difficult. I also find that SF5Pro bass seems rather muddy, the midrange lacks detail of ER6i, and wearing SF5Pro a bit uncomfortable than ER6i, probly due to size and weight. Its best you give it a little audition, but be wary not to be wowed by the bass straight away and ignore the rest of the sound.
  2. Exactly what I think of SF5 Pro too... I 'upgraded' from ER6i to SF5Pro. 8 months into it, i wish i didn't...
  3. Hi, Mind telling how much they quote you? I phoned them once and they quoted S$460, which is pretty expensive, Stereo used to sell it at S$395.
  4. Norman Audio charge $550, which is understandable because they are distributor, rather than reseller. I remem stereo had it for less than $400 which is somewhat reasonable....
  5. After disappointing 6 months with my 'new' superfi5.pro, I am looking to buy etymotic er4p, but to my surprise i found out that neither stereo nor hung brothers carry them anymore Its not really a big issue since I can still get them from amazon for perhaps cheaper than locally, but its a shame people are shunning etymotics in favour of more bass-heavy brands like UE.. I want my etymotics.
  6. If you aren't very particular about bass, then I suggest you give Etymotic ER6i a try. I think they going for <S$220 at Stereo. I recently bought Super.Fi 5 Pro to replace by broken (my bad) ER6i and I definitely like high and midrange of my ER6i better. If you are into vocal and instrumental ER6i will suit you very well. Also you'll like it better than a lot of other models if this is your first IEM. ER6i is very 'uncomplicated' compared to a lot of others (no wires going around ears, and tri-flanges will give you a decent fit from the first day), and also they are very tiny and hardly noticable. Only bad thing is wires in ER6i carry noise (rubbing against, tapping etc..) very well, so will annoy you for first few weeks, but u'll get over it. http://www.etymotic.com/ephp/er6i.aspx
  7. Hi, Does anyone know of any tri-flange tips (from other brand) that work with UE SF5Pro? I bought it to replace my broken ER6i, dun feel quite right without the extra flange piercing inside my ear, and the sound isolation is no where near what I got from ER6i tri flanges... I miss my etymotics
  8. Hi, My quest for ear tips finally came to an end yesterday at Hung Bros. They seem to have plenty of stock ( dunno where they get them from, Norman Audio said their first shipment of access. is yet to arrive). I was charged $8 / pair for tri-flange eartips $5 / filter, which to me seem like a bit of a rip off (the look on salespersons face said so too..). Nvm, In the end I'm happy I dun have to crank my volume to 20 anymore Thanx for all the replies. I love my etymotics...
  9. Hi, Thanx for all replies, I'll check with Hung Bros tomorrow. I'll probly want my own supply of ear tips, my finger nails bite into the 3rd flange quite easily so need to discard quite frequently - Thanx
  10. Hi, Thanx for the tip. Called up stereo elecs. they said dun hav. Guess online is the only way to go
  11. Hi, First post here. I've owned a pair of Etymotic ER-6i for around 4 months now and already 'worn out' both flanged and foam plugs provided in the original package. Now desperately searching for replacement eartips. Sadly Etymotic agent (Norman Audio) says their first shipment of Etymotic accessories is only due in atleast 1-2 months. Does anyone know where else I can get ear tips for ER6i ? (When I bought mine, I was told by Hung Bros. that they don't sell accessories, have to go to agent) I believe Norman Audio is quite new to being Ety agents, if so does anyone know who old Etymotic agent is? perhaps I can salvage a pair of ear tips from them. As last resort does anyone know of any online retailer who sells ear tips and ships to Singapore ? Any help is truely appreciated, Thanx.
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