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  1. Don't know why nobody has replied to you yet... from what I know, the M50 works fine without amping, provided you have a decent source. I suggest you enjoy the music and don't worry about the gear btw, welcome to sgheadphones and I'm sorry about your wallet
  2. kehyi


    There's also the small matter of the PX100 being open and the PX200 being closed. If you're planning to use these phones on-the-go, the closed PX200 might be a better choice. If you're planning to use them at home, there might be better choices elsewhere...
  3. Isetan Scotts, at the home/kitchenware section, 4th floor. It cost $15. Actually, I got it from the "Special Sale" section there so dunno if now still got or not. Can try asking the storegirls... good luck
  4. Then you're already in the wrong forum if there's a moderator available, pls move this to the Portables forum. Let's see... "On-the-go" means you'd want to look for closed headphones, as open ones are downright useless on public transport. "All types of music except pop/techno" suggests that you're not looking for a bass-heavy headphone. "SQ > looks" suggests you'd want to consider traditional audio equipment companies, rather than fashionable brands Looking at all that, I find it hard to go beyond the Audio Technica SJ series to recommend. In fact, your requirements were very similar to mine last year. I ended up choosing the Audio Technica ATH-SJ5 which had served me well since. You can take a look at the post I made then: ATH-SJ5. The current model is the updated SJ55 which costs around $80. Go to Stereo Electronics at Plaza Sing to try it out for yourself. While you're there, you can also ask the staff for recommendations. They're usually very helpful and knowledgeable. enjoy
  5. What will you use it for? music? movies? computer games? Will you use it mostly at home? or on-the-go? What kind of music do you mostly listen to? pop? classical? jazz? rock? death metal? the answer to these questions will help us recommend suitable headphones...
  6. Was looking for a headphone stand, so was quite delighted to find this "banana holder" at Isetan... not perfect, but gets the job done, and looks fairly decent as well
  7. kehyi


    hmm... did AT raise prices? SJ11 is the updated version of the SJ1 & the lowest-end model in the SJ series. It sports a smaller driver (36mm vs 40mm for SJ33 and SJ55) and plastic housing (it may not be obvious, but the SJ5/SJ55's driver is housed in aluminum painted black; the rest of the earcup is plastic though.) I didn't audition the SJ1 when I bought my SJ5 so I can't say how they compared soundwise. I tried the SJ3 some years back and it didn't impress me then. In any case, if you enjoy the sound and style of the SJ11 for the price you paid, then that's great. It doesn't matter really what other people think, after all, it's your own ears that are doing the listening enjoy
  8. i think the general consensus is that skullcandy is good for style, but so-so for sound quality. If style/looks is impt to you, then by all means go get them. if sound quality is more impt, then you can try Audio Technica ATH-SJ5 (around $70) or AKG K518DJ (around $120). of course, nothing beats listening with your own ears so go down to Stereo Electronics at Plaza Sing and give your targeted headphones a try, if you can. The staff there should be able to help with recommendations as well. Have fun
  9. I think the usual suspects for bassy, closed, portable headphone are: Audio Technica ATH-M50 AKG K518DJ Shure SRH840 or maybe SRH750DJ
  10. what kind of music do you like to listen to? do you need it for home use or for portable use? What other equipment will you be pairing it with? Are you looking for headphones or earphones? Have you tried in-ears before and are you comfortable with them? $400 is a goodly amount of money and can get you a very good set of earphones/headphones. Conversely, it's also possible to way overspend and get something that's not suitable for your needs.
  11. kehyi

    COMEX 2010

    Did anyone notice if the Audio-Technica A or AD series is on offer?
  12. kehyi

    COMEX 2010

    COMEX starting tomorrow... Anyone know any good audio deals there? I know Senn and AT are having booths - will there be bargains to be had?
  13. Maybe ask the official distributor bah... AKG Singapore distributor In case you're too lazy to click on the link:
  14. Almost anyone can tell you, Stereo Electronics @ Plaza Singapura (or Causeway Point) is the place to go to try stuff. I'm sure they'll have something for you... need not be Denons though, keep an open mind. btw... Isn't it kinda, y'know, dangerous to wear in-ears while biking? (I'm assuming you're riding a bike...)
  15. kehyi


    not sure if forum etiquette abt prices has changed... in any case, I paid less than $70 mind you though, these are by no means audiophile quality, but should be good enough for listening while on the go. burning the babies in as I type. The bass seems a bit... 'wild' at the moment. Hopefully it'll tighten up as the drivers get some exercise.
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