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  1. I think Supersim can do what you want. But you need to manually switch between the two lines on your mobile phone. 1. You can copy two SIM cards into one. 2. Then put that new SIM card into any one of your mobile phone. 3. Use the STK (SIM TOOLKIT) function to switch between the 2 lines. You can use the australia line when standby for receiving calls. Then switch to singapore line to make outgoing calls when in singapore. After that switch to australia line for standby. In summary, you will have 1 SIM card. Only 1 line can be activated. The phone needs to support STK function. Not sure about smart phones, but my old Nokia 8250 has STK function.
  2. I heard of SuperSIM which you can copy multiple SIM card into one. Do a search to see if it suits your need.
  3. He was arrested by Police on 21 November 2006. http://www.spf.gov.sg/mic/2006/061122_cid_carparts.htm
  4. You can simply keep your existing Linksys ADSL router and buy another wireless Access Point. Less configuration needs to be done. Modem + Router will be a better choice. Like you mentioned, the cost is not a issue. Go with the D-Link gaming router. It will give you more options to play with. I have no experience with ADSL gateways, as I use Cable modem. Do consider the compatibility issue with the ADSL connections also.
  5. Did you search on Google? Try this to see it solves your problem. http://www.free-codecs.com/download/K_Lite_Codec_Pack.htm
  6. redqueue


    Only US bank accounts can be linked to Paypal. Debit card is like a credit card execpt no annual fees and is linked to your bank account directly. No credit, and direct debit from your bank account.
  7. redqueue


    I don't think Paypal can link to Singapore bank account. You have to link your Paypal account to a Credit or Debit Card. Are you able to apply for a POSB Debit Card?
  8. what happened? anyone knows?
  9. The Memories of Boom-Mi-Pon Kenneth Kuo, Cello 01 Overture Seashore of Motherland 02 The Memories of Boom-Mi-Pon 03 The Song of Egrets 04 Fantasy of Taiwanese Opera 05 Nocturne-The Dance of Fireflies 06 Sugarcane Melody 07 Bicycle Days 08 Mysterious Sika Deers 09 Murky, Murky Sky 10 The Blessing [attachmentid=3521]
  10. done. i seldom do survey on the street. most people will sure ask for your contact details.
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