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  1. aaron-xp


    Description of Item : Cavalli Kan Kumisa III Amp (CKKIII) Condition : 7/10 (slight scratches on the top, no sound degradation) Warranty : 7 days Selling price : $260 negotiable Preferred Location : TBC Preferred Mode of Contact : PM The CKKIII is a full discrete amp, and can be used as a headphone amp or a speaker pre-amp. There are 2 RCA inputs and outputs, as well as a 1/4" headphone out. A crossfeed circuit has also been built into the amp. Built by an electrician. More info: http://www.cavalliaudio.com/kumisa/main.php?page=history http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f5/my-review...0-w1000-309183/ http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f5/beta22-vs-ckkiii-246308/ http://www.amb.org/audio/ck2/ PM me for more details! Thanks.
  2. aaron-xp

    WTB: iPod Touch 8GB

    Description of Item : iPod Touch 8GB Required Condition : 7-9/10 Required Warranty : Warranty if possible Offer price : $300 MAX Preferred Location : East / Central / Bishan Preferred Mode of Contact : PM
  3. aaron-xp

    Klipsch IEMs

    I tried the Custom-1. Frankly speaking, it's horrible compared to the others in the price range. While the fit and comfort may be good, the sound was, to quote a friend, "handphone-like". No idea how the Custom-2 and 3 are, but I remain doubtful as to how they perform, especially the Custom2.
  4. aaron-xp

    earphone below $150?

    Subjective I guess. I like it for the fact that the bass is rather tight, rather than being flabby, such as that of certain headphones.
  5. aaron-xp

    earphone below $150?

    I personally recommend the UM1. My personal favorite in terms of fit and wiring. It's comparable to the E4C, and has nice, smooth mids. Punchy bass as well.
  6. aaron-xp

    Portable Amp for UM2?

    I would recommend the mini^3. It's really rather cheap compared to other portable amps, and has been compared to the Hornet. Besides, it has the advantage of active ground as well. Post an advert on the classifieds, or DIY one yourself. (I messed up the opamps, didn't solder to the right place. ) It shouldn't cost too much. Probably <SGD150, unless you buy from Rockhopper audio, which charges USD120 if I am not wrong. Another possible choice is the govibe petite. I just love how it sounds with the E4C. Never tried it with the UM2 though. It's really clear and clean. It's been compared with the Hornet (and D1) as well, and does not really fail. http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f5/review-go...p-vs-d1-287689/
  7. aaron-xp

    Musical Fidelity X-CANv8

    Huge volume knob. I wonder how much this will cost. I quite liked the V3 when paired off with the K701.
  8. aaron-xp

    Shure SE530

    The UE fit is not for everyone. I personally have trouble putting on the 5 pro. and EBs. Too bad for me I guess.
  9. aaron-xp

    SOLD E4C

    SOLD. =)
  10. aaron-xp

    SOLD E4C

    Willing to push the price down a little. Help fund my next amp purchase. (interested in the CKKIII, *hint hint*)
  11. aaron-xp

    SOLD E4C

    WTS - Want To Sell Description of Item : E4C (includes extra new tips and entire packaging) Condition : 6.5/10 (well cared for, no visible cosmetic damage. In good working condition) Warranty : Expired (recently, this month or the last) Selling price : SOLD Preferred Location : City Hall or Bishan Preferred Mode of Contact : PM
  12. aaron-xp

    DIY Amplifier [ICUTE->TDA7294 100w Stereo Amp]

    ^ Yup. He is (we're school mates). About the nice stuff thingy, it's a great thing to have good contacts in the audio equipment world. I really like the idea of making an integrated amp out of different parts.
  13. aaron-xp

    DIY Amplifier [ICUTE->TDA7294 100w Stereo Amp]

    I must say that's quite some serious work, linking the parts together to make some sort of integrated, integrated amp. (right?) Nice job, even more so since it's the 1st DIY attempt. Have you started on the RA1? May I entice you with the CKKIII? http://www.amb.org/audio/ck2/ It's always good to have someone build it before I do. Haha. =P
  14. aaron-xp

    WTB: Mini^3 amp

    Description of Item : Mini^3 amp (DIY or from Rockhopper) Offer price : $130 (negotiable) Preferred Location : City Preferred Mode of Contact : PM
  15. aaron-xp

    WTB:: EMU 0404 USB

    Would like to look for an EMU 0404 USB. Please PM for offers. Thanks.