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  1. Just built it over the weekend! Easier than I thought. All the stuffs could be purchased and customized around Jalan Besar area. Syed Alwi road for MDF board (and customised to specs) and sound damping tar sheet (auto shop), and Kelantan Lane for Rods, nuts and washers.
  2. Ahlek

    Music that makes you laugh

    'Always Look On The Bright Side of Life' - Monty Python
  3. For me it will be: ... if I plan to wallow in sorrow .... 'Somebody' - Depeche Mode 'Sail This Ship Alone' - Beautiful South 'Brothers in Arm' - Dire Straits ... if I need a pick me up .... 'Jump' - Van Halen 'Whole Lotta Love' - Led Zeppelin 'Better Together' - Jack Johnson '
  4. Get it from LHS (2nd Floor, Sim Lim Tower). Lots of stuffs ... great place especially if you're into DIY.
  5. Thanks, I saw that too. My specifications will be more for Cyrus components (shoebox size).
  6. That sounds like an option. Thanks for the tips.
  7. Anyone know where I could go to custom a FlexyRack, ie http://www.tnt-audio.com/clinica/flexye.html I doubt I could do the DIY myself due to time constraints and limited patience
  8. Ahlek

    Power cords and interconnects

    MC, were you trying to do an interconnect? I will be surprise if there's anything LHS don't know how to do. Talk to Patrick, he's a cable wiz.
  9. Ahlek

    budget bookshelf speakers

    Sounds like my wishlist when I first started my search for a pair of bookshelf. One thing for sure, unless u get the 'huge' bookshelf eg. B&W 602 S3, you can minus the 'Powerful Bass'. And 'No coloration' will point you to a 'Mini Monitor' category of bookshelf speakers. As for the rest of your requirements, warmth, natural, tight bass etc ... depends on the matching of your source+amp+cables etc. Not to forget, your choice of bookshelf will depend on what you used to drive it, ie. your amp. Just some experience sharing: IN THE BEGINNING: My first home setup was ipod as source, dr amp as the amp and an old pair of MS10i. I was a happy camper UNTIL some 'audiophile' friends came over to 'audition' my el cheapo setup. MISTAKE! THEN: These 'audiophile' friends then dragged me along to listen to a number of 'budget' setup ... I will only list some of the bookshelves (that I spend sufficient time with) for reference: 1. Castle Trent (vintage) - managed to borrow for home trial. Returned because lack bass (ah but then; vintage budget bookshelf) 2. B&W 601 S3 - Nice and warm ... but not exactly without coloration. Normally use in a home theatre setup 3. B&W CM1 - Lovely Lovely ... but a monster to drive for a mini monitor. MONSTER = $$$$$ 4. Quad 11L - Lovely ... lots of details, tight bass .... but not as lovely as the CM1 (my humble opinion ) 5. B&W 805S - WOW WOW WOW!!!!! 6. MS 902 - affordable and quite nice for its price ... but my 'ears' went up a notch .. fault of those audiophiles fiends ..... I mean friends And of course not to mention all those others high end stuffs and floorstanders (MBL, KRELL, Thiel etc etc) ... you could spend your whole life in Adelphi just auditioning. FINALLY: The realisation was my 'al cheapo' setup would not be able drive or do justice to any of the above listed bookshelf (maybe ok with the MS10i) .... so there we go ... bought an award winning CD player, a 2nd hand AMP (still resisting the temptation of the matching award winning amp) ... before I finally decided on the Quad 11L (after a home trial) with the 'new' setup. Just right for my small room .... for now ... and of course after struggling with a lot of will power (read 'wife approval in a married man context') .... BUT still dreaming of the B&W805S + the 'awarding winning amp' And not forgetting many many nights of research on the web and from those glossy hifi magazines. And don't neglect the cables .... Interconnect, Speaker Cables, Power Cables, Power Strips etc .... And isolatiion ... And sound damping ... And how about a new house with dedicated listening room LESSON LEARNT Be happy with what you have and avoid 'audiophiles' if you just want to enjoy 'your music' and have a healthy bank balance ERRR SORRY ... was this post about what budget bookshelf speakers to buy
  10. Ahlek

    How to change power cord for XS708A

    Just installed the XS708A with Belden cable + MK Hospital plug last night. It sounds different both through headphone and as a preamp through my audio setup. Can't place a finger on what's the diff, but it just sounds better and made me spend hours listening to a number of CDs ... especially good with Damien Rice's O.
  11. Ahlek

    How to change power cord for XS708A

    Mackie. Thanks for the advice. I will try changing the cord to a Belden 19364 first and experiment with the rest later, like the idea of the attributes of the cable as I am more into jazz vocals.
  12. Ahlek

    How to change power cord for XS708A

    Thanks for sharing. Sorry, got some more questions before I go shopping for parts: 1. Which Belden cable did you use? 2. Did you replace the rubber clamp (if it fits) after installing the Belden? I fear either pulling out the cable accidentally or the metal edge cut into the new cord. 3. How did it show after that? As a headamp and also as a preamp.
  13. Ahlek

    How to change power cord for XS708A

    Thanks, did open up the casing and have already identified the solder point. I was hoping for some tutorial or experience as don't want to electrocute myself.
  14. Ahlek

    WTB Alessandro MS1

    Give Wilson a call.
  15. Ahlek

    How to change power cord for XS708A

    More like changing the cord to something like Belden.