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  1. Selling the below 2 headphones as seldom use. Interested party please contact me via SMS @9792-6955. Audio Technica ATH-M50s/LE $200 8 mths old. Still have the receipt so can claim warranty if needed. - Comes with original pouch. - Comes with original 6.35mm (1/4 Inch) Stereo Plug to 3.5mm Stereo Jack Adaptor. - Free Sumajin Smartwrap (As seen on photo). http://www.audio-tec...ceb9/index.html Marshall Major *SOLD* 16 mths old. - Comes with original 6.35mm (1/4 Inch) Stereo Plug to 3.5mm Stereo Jack Adaptor. - Has been re-cabled with Canare cable. - Original cable still available. - Free pouch. http://www.marshallh...eadphones/major
  2. Fav Bands: Pet Shop Boys, The Cranberries, EBTG, ELT, Enigma, Delerium. Fav Musicians: Hmm... does Paul van Dyk, ATB counts
  3. ELT- Acoustic Latte. Highly recommended! One of my favorites by ELT.
  4. Alight presents Chill Out - The Album : 03 (Avex)
  5. 孙燕姿 - My Story, Your Song (经典全记录闪亮限量版)
  6. Both designs are fantastic but option 1 will be my choice as the URL is larger, so more ppl will be aware Like the logo in front
  7. I'm currently reading Angel Heart & Yotsuba&!. Angel Heart is basically City Hunter in another dimension/world & Yotsuba!& is very funny
  8. Both can be easily get from either Farnell and RS Components. Both provide delivery service (at a cost) to doorstep. DIP adapters can also get it easily at Sim Lim Tower
  9. Blue Man Group - The Complex (Saw the Starhub Advert and like the song 'Sing Along' and decided to 'get' the album )
  10. Most users ever online was 689 on 14 Jul 2006, 03:41 AM Why r so many ppl doing so early on Friday morning
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