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  1. My dad is looking for a Nikon d300. Anyone know a good or the best place in Singapore to buy a digital SLR?
  2. Thanx for all the suggestions. However, none of them have helped me really make a decision. I understand this a failure on my part probably to state what I'm looking for. I listen to a lot of vocalists, classical, and instrumental. I'd prefer a sound signature a little bit on the warm side but still clear and musical. I really could consider any of these amps you guys suggest, I just don't know what they sound like. Manufacture websites are always biased so they're no real help. I'm a bit iffy on the HeadRoom line because I have never heard anyone on Head-Fi recommend a HeadRoom. They all seem to lean to the Heed Canamp, Lehmann, and Meier Arietta. Oh and the Graham Slee is out of my budget. With the PSU1 power supply, its almost a 1000 USD.
  3. Not looking into DIY amps because I'm not good enough to build them. Also I'm looking for an amp that does not require an external power supply. 400 to 700 is my budget for an amp with a built in matching power supply. The HeadRoom Millet is stated for recommended use with their HeadRoom Desktop Power Supply.
  4. I need a recommendations for a Desktop headphone amp. I'll probably be using it with an HD650 or K701. The list I've been looking at is this: Lehmann Audio Black Cube Linear Heed Canamp Hifi500 Stello HP100 Earmax pro or silver Headamp GS-1 Talisman T3-H Meier Arietta My price range is round there.. 400 to 700 USD plus or minus some. Open to other recommendations too. Thanx
  5. Yes X5 subpack is weak. Uncle Wilson has X5 line outs that work very well. X5L and go vibe with Super.fi 5 pro is what I use and its very nice. However, also being an owner of the UM1, I'd say the UM1 doesn't seem to benefit to much from this setup....
  6. Thinking of switching from my relatively midrange Altec Lansing vs 5100 5.1 to a high end 2.1. I'd rather have higher quality music than lower quality and surround. Also I need a more manageable system that I can take to college a year and a half later. Systems I'm thinking of: Aego - M Klipsch GMX 2.1 Altec Lansing MX5021 Altec Lansing MX6021 Currently I guess I'm leaning most towards the Aego - M but I don't know how good these are for games or movies. I know Klipsch GMX 2.1 is has bigger and deeper bass so does that mean is it better for movies and games? Also I know, knowing Altec Lansing, both the MX5021 and FX6021 should be ok for all round gaming movie and music use but won't be as good in music as klipsch and Aego M. Anyone can comment on whether or not the Aego M is ok for gaming and movies? Second thing I need to know is if I get an Aego M, what type of sound card is good for it. Currently I'm using and Creative Audigy 2 ZS which I may soon sell simply because this card's software has too many problems. I've been using it for at least 2 years though. I was thinking of going to a X-Fi extreme music but from what i hear, this won't be good enough for the Aego M. So i've been thinking about the Auzentech Xplosion 7.1 DTS. What i'm worried about though is that this card can't game well. So right now i'm kind of in a pickle . I like high quality music but at the same time I game quite a lot. I'm very much leaning towards the Aego M but again i don't know how good they are for games and movies. Also because i'm leaning towards Aego M, I think i'll need to upgrade to a better sound card. But then again, the only sound cards that are good enough cannot game...
  7. atomiccow


    Oh come on those things look like a box with wires sticking out of it. They couldn't have possible made it any more UN-ergonomic. Looks almost painful to wear. Are we going back into the 1980s when everything was boxy and curved edges did not exist yet ?
  8. The tips look really reallly ugly They look like they use dynamic range drivers.
  9. Humble me, in the presence of divinity. I heard the king yesterday . If I had one, I'm sure I'd never leave the house again.
  10. Appreciate the help. Are these all available at Jaben for testing? I'm going down tmr after school to see if my super.fi 5 pros are in yet. What type of good interconnects are there and about how much would a decent one cost?
  11. My friend has uses a Shure E4C. Several people in my school have Bang and Olufsen A8... just because they're expensive . One guy in my school has and E3G and 2 guys, who graduated last year, had E2Cs.
  12. That is what I own, an Iaudio X5 and a UE Super.fi 5 pro....
  13. Umm, a higher end DAP? How high end do DAPs go? The X5 is certainly comparable to the Ipod and any other DAP out there. If people use amps with Ipods, I don't see why you wouldn't use it with an X5. Actually I'm not new. About..... a very long time ago, I signed onto this forum and was asking about the Westone UM1 and of course thats where I found out about Jaben Network too. lol. So ya, I do own a UM1 as well but from what I gather, amps don't help the UM1... lol.
  14. Ok so from what I gather, amps can make your DAP sound better or worse... hmm. Well I'm hoping to audition an amp sometime. Right now I use an IAudio X5 and a UE super.fi 5 pro, which is not mine yet, Uncle Wilson was nice enough to lend me one of his test pairs for my personal use until a stock comes in for me I hear a lot about the Little Dot Micro and HP-I and various Xenos amps. And I also hear interconnects are very expensive... . I'm looking to try a portable amp, hopefully with a rechargable battery, and not exceeding $150. So anyone know an amp to set me off in the right direction?
  15. Well I see that pretty much everyone has an amp with the DAP and I don't... lol. And I was wondering, what exactly does an amp do? I read the stickied article on amps but all I got from it was that amps make your music sound better... Well basically, I'm a complete noob with amps cuz I don't have an amp. So can someone tell me exactly how much better an amp can make your DAP sound? Is it a huge difference? And about the price ranges of portable amps and some good ones that maybe I can try? And do portable amps use rechargable batteries or AAs or 9 volts or what?
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