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  1. Hey Aaron Any promo?? Especially for members here??
  2. Hi, Letting out this Brand NEW Air Jordan Carmelo Orange. Size is US11. Never worn before. Comes complete with the Box and keychain. Now letting go at $150!! Interested pls PM me. Thanks. images: Box: Front View:
  3. This. Also: Ayu Chan's 1st and 2nd album ie A Song for XX and LOVEppears.
  4. Cocobean

    IEM phones

    Hi there, Basically IEMs are for transit usage like going to MRT, bus etc. It is to provide a total if not maximum listening experience as it helps to limit the external sounds. now Shures are new series coming out, you might want to check..
  5. Hmm...Will check it out. anyone noe how much bowl pads for Grados are??
  6. Zard is a very enigmatic figure in Japan, She seldom accept interviews and most of the albums are rarely advertised but she is really talented and the songs are nice, e.g. Ei En and My Baby Grand. That is what matters most!! Try the complete zard singles collection (3 CD) set. Pressed in Taiwan.
  7. Hi, I'm an avid Ayumi fan, i was a tad disappointed with her latest album. If i'm to recommend, I'll probably say Ayu's early albums are much better. My fav is LOVEppears Album, I just love all the songs, also try her debut album, A Song For XX. As for Secrets, only Bluebird is good....if you all are looking for a good Jpop album, try 'First Message' by Ayaka For Mika Nakashima, i only got her 'LOVE' album which is her 2nd, i like the hit , 雪の華 (Snow's Flower)
  8. Hi, I'm lookin for a UE Superfi.pro 5 2nd version with the silver coated cable, black colour. Any offers PM me with price. Thanks...
  9. Some of these songs: Seasons in the Sun - Terry Jacks Say Anything - X-Japan Tears - X-Japan Forever Love - X-Japan Always - Bon Jovi Yesterday Once More - Carpenters Rainy Days and Mondays - Carpenters Tears In Heaven - Eric Clapton Gilbert O'Sullivan - Alone Again (Naturally) Yesterday - The Beatles Miraie - Kiroro With or without You - U2 I have a Dream - ABBA
  10. Sorry, I have to withdraw... 1. Roasty x1 M 2. joi-ful x1 M/L 3. That dude x1 XXL (really...) 4. dle4e_2005 x2 S/M(if got different colour) 5. ahdui x1 L/XL 6. kehyi x1 M/L 7. Theatre Of Dreams x1 L 8. Zephyron X 1 (Size L) 9. heady x1 XXL (ok, that_dude, join u) 10. clemo x1 M/L 11. Username x1 S/M 12. afbug X 1 L (Black if possible) 13. Ballack x 1 L (heck, let's add it in first later then talk) 14. Gfgfmoses *2 (black if possible, one M and one XL) 15. kross X1 (XL) 16. rko x2 (XL or XXL, depending on size.) 17. xErTiNi x1 S/M 18. cocobean x2 XXL (withdrawn) 19. theory_87 X 1 L (depend on the design too) 20. acidboy84 x1 M 21. Chanti-sama x2 XXL (black n white)? 22. Ralli`FTO x 1 S/M 23. Apoplectic Gecko x1 M 24. jojo x1 L(pending on the design) 25. metrablue X1 L 26. red x 1L 27.tok2mi x 1M (depending on colour) 28. packetron x2 XL (black & white) 29. yoshiki x 01M/L (will confirm size again) 30. Kai x 1L 31. evian_vortex x 2L 32. stussyking x 1L (black as preference) 33. kahchun x 1XXL Total orders : 38
  11. New & never been Used before 3rd Gen Ipod battery for sale. Bought but never used as my ipod HDD died on me. Now letting go at $25, bought for $30. Comes with box, instructions & tools for easy installation. Made in Japan and comes with local warranty. Prices negotiable. PM me if interested.
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