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  1. 99.9% good. Letting go at S$700 nett. Please PM me if interested, and no low ballers please. Thanks
  2. I am using a Power Plant Premier aka PPP as my main power source....
  3. Have to sell some of my stuff to make way for my new baby nursery. Here are just some of the items that I have identified as of now: 1. HP100A Tube Headphone Amp - 90% working condition but might need some re-soldering because of cold solder - to go at S$100 - you can read the review at Headfi - cosmetic 95% good 2. Elekit TU881 Tube CD Player - was sitting on my shelf with minimum play time - excellent review - S$250 - cosmetic 95% good 3. Canare L-4E5S Star Quad cable - I have a lot exactly how much I do not know - let me know and give a reasonable price. 4. Dremel Tools - will provide pics if needed - please offer 5. D-Link DES-1016D 10/100 Fast Ethernet Switch - S$100 I also have boxes of cables - RCA-RCA Canares/VDH of various lengths - professionally braided and terminator by myself - PS Audio Power cables, etc... Send a PM if any of the above interest you and pics can be provided if necessary. Thanks Sam [attachmentid=4143][attachmentid=4144][attachmentid=4145]
  4. "SOLD" and thanks to all who have enquired about this amp.
  5. I have replied to all PM enquiries. Thanks for reading.
  6. Have one too many amp so have to let this one go. Upgraded knobs & alps pots. "Sold" Thanks
  7. S.W.E.E.T. but just exactly how much $ $ $ ?
  8. I might consider selling 'em separately if the price is right. Please PM me ur price and item #. Thanks
  9. The mentioned items are sitting in my office for the last half a year. I have been on the road for the last 6 months, not much of a chance to enjoy the system, I will prefer to sell them together as a set. Updated: FS and take all items for S$3000. Please PM me if interested, and no low ballers please. Thanks
  10. Hey guy, I am still hanging around, but way to busy to post nowadays with my travel schedule. Kinda miss all the old-timers and friends .... )
  11. I am upgrading and would like to know if there is any interst in the above. Condition excellent. Looking at S$1000.
  12. Me got HTC Touch for S$2 a few days ago......
  13. R U referring to this ? I have a unit but another friend might want to sell his, PM me .
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