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  1. Found good reading from Google about ear impression. As a 1/2 chemist I'm particularly interested in the impression material (silicon) http://www.audiologyonline.com/articles/ar...&article_id=336
  2. I checked with Ebay seller "Electromonster" about the shipping cost to Singapore and recieved reply that they don't ship to Singapore If you notice their current listings, indeed they have removed worldwide shipping, Asia only to Japan. They might have had bad experiences shipping Senn to here???
  3. Cai Qin - The Definitive Cai Qin Collection
  4. Check this out or can use search function at head-fi http://www.hktubeaudio.homestead.com/shops.html
  5. Stacy Kent - Let Yourself Go Very relaxing, those who like jazz vocal will love it
  6. Razer, can share with us where and how much did you pay for O2? Thanks
  7. Got reply from EIFL and Audiocubes, both supply the driver only in 100V . Will try to check with BIC and Yodobashi, but I don't like their points system. I prefer to get immediate cash rebate
  8. Found a review at Head-fi, HE 90 vs. SR-007 http://www6.head-fi.org/forums/showthread.php?t=75749
  9. Thanks Evil-Zen, Yes, pricejapan is quite cheap, cheaper than Audiocubes.com. I emailed them already, asked for the price and voltage issue. Will let you know if I get more info
  10. Beethoven - Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 61
  11. You meant price range? Yes, definetely they are way apart. But since now we have the chance to experience Orpheus, it would be nice if we can compare it to electrostatic specialist like Stax
  12. Hi, does anyone know whether it's cheaper to buy Stax in Japan? If yes, can you share the right place to go in Japan to get Stax? Does Kingsley have Omega II? Feel like auditioning SR-007 after reading so many positive feedbacks on Orpheus Thanks
  13. what's that at the back (grill)? Is it open??
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