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  1. hi Mackie, u've hit on an issue tt i struggled with. I've a $500 (give or take) budget to work with n i dunno whether to go with a more complete (with tuner etc) mini-compo or a dedicated cdp. I did check out echoloft for potential second-hand cdps but din find any i really like. i also considered keeping my pcdp and add an amp instead but from what i've read, it seems this would not be a huge improvement (of cos i might be mistaken). Hence i tot the best, n prob easiest way, was to buy a compo. If u feel otherwise, i'd be keen to hear ur advice.
  2. thanks for the help topgun. could u recommend any shops willing to just sell the base units?
  3. since most forumers here seem interested mainly in high-end audiophilic products, this will prob be one of the most lonely and ignored section/thread in sgheadphone but i'll juz try my luck. i'm currently using a pcdp as my main player and am looking to upgrade to a better source. As i juz started working, a dedicated cdp (such as those from marantz, denon etc) seems extravagant at the moment, so i'm thinking of buying a mini/micro hifi system. since i'm a radio listener and will be using headphones, such a smallish system (without those booming speakers) seem to fit my needs. unlike for high end audio products, i guess nobody would waste their time sussing out the pros and cons of different micro/mini hifis. But perhaps fellow forumers could help by reviewing briefly the systems they have or had (eg. brand, price, model etc). Surely , surely, surely, not everyone here started off with a high end cdp? thank you in advance for any replies.
  4. another vote for panny ct820. thx to uncle wilson's relentless effort in hunting down a set, i had the chance to listen to the 820 briefly at jaben today n it really sounded good. it was way better than the few sony discmans i had n def miles ahead of the sony ne1 i'm currently using. in my experience, panasonic products have more value for money n r more durable. my sony ne1 is literally held together by glue now n i paid a laughable 300 bucks for it when it first came out.
  5. Have to admit i din think of this point...Penny wise, pound foolish...will bear this in mind.
  6. I first saw blue man group on tv a few years ago when they performed natural blues with moby and jill scott at the grammys. it was really stunning and the audience gave them one of the most heartfelt standing ovations i've ever seen at the awards. not sure if they've ever been to singapore but if they are coming down, its prob worthwhile catching them live. anyway listening to: new order - substance
  7. Thanks alot guys. Really appreciate the advice. Just realised this topic might be more suited to the home audio section....anyway i've one more question. I read in afbug's hardwarezone r/v tt ms1's built is a bit filmsy. i wonder if long- time users of ms1 in this forum have the same opinion. thanks for any comments.
  8. Hi guys, this is my first post. on recommendations from this forum, i bought the sony mdr888, love its sound, and would like to get another pair of ear/headphones just for the heck of it. after some research, i narrowed my choices down to westone um1 and alessandro ms1. which one do you guys suggest? or wat other ear/headphones do u think i should consider? i dun really care abt the design or whether its IEM or not cos i usually listen to my cds only at home. only condition is tt it has to sound better than mdr888. my only complaints abt 888 r tt they could be more detailed and clearer, have bigger soundstage and have deeper bass. My budget-wise....BEST is below $200. btw i have ex71 as well n i think they r really terrible. i would rather stick ricolas in my ears. so pls dun suggest anything similar! : ) thank you guys in advance for your help!
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