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  1. WTS RSA predator. Some paint wearing off at the edges else in good condition. Selling price is 475 . Negotiable. SMS me at 91871675 if interested.
  2. Selling a UE TF10 Price is 220. Comes with gunmetal case and tips. If u want will even give the pelican box (limited edition) This is a relatively new set just gotten 3 months ago. Moved on to customs. Contact me at 91871675 for fast deal
  3. Looking for either. Budget is limited so just pm me your best price
  4. still selling price reduced to 120!
  5. Grado SR80 for sale. About 1 and half year old. No box just the headphone. Everything is in working condition. Paint for letters have worn off. Selling for 130. SMS 91871675 if interested
  6. Hi, I have a concept of shooting girls with headphones and costumes. Its a popular art book concept "Headphone Girls" Anyone interested to lending me their headphone for a day or 2 in the future for such a shoot? Other then those in my signature, any decent condition headphone is gladly accepted. Pm me if anyone is interested. I will also give you photos of them if you want.
  7. Been out of the scene for sometime and had the urge to purchase a portable headphone for usage. Visited stereo about 4 times before confirming my purchase yesterday. Same good service that I experience 4 years ago with my first headphone being ms1. I usually test the above average headphones, with this round the IEMs westone UM3X, Westone 3, ESW9, ES10, ESW10JPN and A1000x. Settled for the ESW10JPN and loving it, both the sound and service. This headphone marks the 6th headphone i gotten from stereo and still love their service.
  8. Looking for one. Exterior condition must be mint as looking to collect. Do drop me price via sms at 91871675
  9. Just tried the HFI 780 Mod just. Definitely much better when modded. Must really bring my RS1 down with my cd to the shop to do a real comparison. Does make me contemplate to get it for its closed design. Never used a close headphone for sometime and looks promising for a portable headphone.
  10. Interesting lol. Been awhile since I visited SGHeadphones. Now I seen some interesting stuff. This evening maybe I will head down to test it out. Always wanted a closed headphone for traveling around that can best those of IEM (RS1 lets in too much noise) and not worried it get damaged easily.
  11. Just saw then at SE. Outdated this days lol. Maybe will go down one day and audition this earphones.
  12. 250 probably can get a ATH-A700. I pretty good close headphone. Open wise theres quite some good one like grado, beyers, ATH-AD, Siens HD lower series.
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