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  1. This could seriously be the first Creative player that I buy.... It looks ok, decennt storage, and if its running android..... I am having a great time with my HTC magic! Android FTW!
  2. i got 2 routes to choose now that I have just learnt of the Iqube V2's presence I can break the bank, go get it new, and use it as a DAC and portable amp, or I can buy the old Iqube( I heard the headphone amp circuitry is EXACTLY the same) and continue saving for my CDP... hmmmmm Havent tired many DACs...so cant really help you there....although the Iqube V2 has really perked my interest now Anyone has heard the V2's DAC yet? Any impressions?
  3. hahaha, massive OT. Anyway, did abit more listening and running around lately, but still undecided, guess what is happening is due to insufficient budget at the moment.... What I like cannot be gotten with my present budget! so I shall KIV the starting of the rig and get my Iqube first instead And I thought portables were expensive
  4. hahaha, tried the ES10... but not portable imo, the ES9 is not that portable already, doesnt isolate well, and the wooden cups make me REALLY hesitant to bring it out. And yeah, ES10 outperforms the ES9 by quite abit, price being one of them! portable=something I can dump in a bag without fearing it might break(HD25II excels in this department)
  5. hmmmmmmmmmmm those who have heard it, how would you compare it to be the ES9? And... its not portable right? the price is tempting me
  6. Heh, anyone, ANYONE, who goes to club for the music is abit off his rocker if you ask me hmmm, to be honest, very happy with my portable already. haha, unless anyone can suggest a closed can that is portable that performs better than an ES9(or HD25II)? Hmmm, for now, I think I would really like a home Rig first, at least a foundation to build upon *Or rather, my hands are REALLY itchy for something totally new... and after being poisoned by my school's headphone rig in the studio..*
  7. mrhobbit


    Just a small note, I personally am using the ES9W now, have owned the ES7. If you listen to faster genres, generally heavier stuff like metal, heavy rock n roll. MIGHT be better for you to go ES7(or the HD25IIs which are excellent imo) instead of the ES9. ES9 seems to lose kick on my heavy tracks, while totally outclassing the ES7 on slower stuff
  8. Asked Aaron a few days back, he believes I should start with around 1 thousand for a CDP first.... hmmmm, at the moment, I actually budgetted around $800 odd for a CDP..... Would actually buy the CDP first, go home and take a good listen with my cans, think about what is lacking, and then buy an amp. I believe the CDP and amp will be bought around 2 months from each other. When I have sufficient time on the CDP to decide what i REALLY need. While I understand Aaron's idea of "jump to not so newb" first to prevent more upgrade steps(and therefore more $$$) I am also asking myself is it justified since my portables will be the mainstay music fix... Any ideas? After poly, its gonna be NS...where usage will be SEVERELY limited
  9. Thanks to all for the various pieces of advice Have been running around with a 2 pairs of phones and tried a few CDPs here and there. There sure is a VERY very large amount to choose from. Its quite confusing to be honest. Guess I just gotta read abit more and run around abit more to try different sets. Any specific models to recommend? Some of the owners at Adelphi aint THAT friendly. hahaha, and it really looks abit dumb to walk in and ask something to recommend imo. OT: Acquired a pair of ES9Ws for cheaps, hahaha, temporary measure to prevent myself from impulse buying!
  10. Hi there, thanks alot for all of the feedback. so in all likelihood a CDP would have better sound right? I personally like the idea of a versatility of using my itunes to play stuff since I got all my music on it(Dont have to keep changing etc etc) But sound is what I am after... so a CDP would be on my list now. An Entry level one....What I plan to do is establish a home rig system, a very basic one so as I learn more, easier to decide, for now would like tasters Any advice on where to go? and where to find? I am so sorry asking about all these once again(feels like 4 years back when I knew nuts about portables). Home Rigs are alot more complicated I realised! Other than Headfi, Echoloft.... any other good hifi forums that concentrate on Home Audio?
  11. Hi all, I have been in this audio obsession for 4 years or so. Safe to say I know what kind of sound I like.(Think Alessandro) So far, I have always been on a portable setup, am looking to start my home rig now. Not planning to go speakers, plan to go headphone rig actually. Source=Laptop, played with itunes, lossless quality.(Or should I go CDP since i got alot of CDs?) Amp=? Havent figured out which one yet, the heed Canamp seems like a nice way to start Headphones= I got a pair of HD25 IIs and a pair of MS2s. My budget isnt very large at the moment, because I am still reading and finding out what exactly is required for a home rig(and adjusting my budget according) The main question I would like to ask is, from a laptop to an amp that has built in DAC(iBasso)through the USB cable, how does it compare to a CDP's output? Assuming that the song is ripped in lossless. Many thanks!
  12. bump. this is the HD 25 II the one with the split headband. Open to trades as well!
  13. It should never be about how the highs, lows, mids and the soundstaging is like. it should be how happy you feel when you are listening. which is a combination of you enjoying your favourite music AND having enough gear Saying which, pretty hapy with my present setup(oh yes, i make it a point never to own more than 1 pair of cans/amp/source/cable) at any one time. Looking for upgrades, but not obsessed with it, and i am definitely not losing sleep over the fact that i can afford but cant justify a pair of MS2i
  14. got a pair of HD25's for sale or trade. Selling price would be $330 or therabouts. but i would be more interested in a trade, just pm me your offers!(closed portable headphones or IEMS only) i do not have the box but i do have the warranty card and receipt. 1/4 inch adaptor and a set of stock pads(mine is mounted with velour pads) contact me at 93670147
  15. earphones, encoding, lineout dock,amp no one ever said the ipods had great sound quality from the headphoneout. and certainly there are many who believe that the sony's headphoneout is one of the best on the markets. amp+lineout dock should do the trick....
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