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  1. sHaRkKaE

    Headroom Total AirHead headphone amplifier

    uber old school stuff!!
  2. sHaRkKaE

    My new toy

    guys, are your customs dual or single bore?
  3. sHaRkKaE

    WTS: Beyer DT150, DT770

    roughly how old is the DT150?
  4. sHaRkKaE

    FS: Garage sales: Nintendo DS

    pictures would be nice =)
  5. sHaRkKaE

    My new toy

    Hey Aron, impressions out soon?
  6. sHaRkKaE

    My new toy

    Or a plastic card which holds a value of at least 4 digits?
  7. sHaRkKaE

    My new toy

    A little review on the UM2 + mid range driver The initial sound that came out of this baby was a letdown. everything was everywhere. After a couple of hours running in though, things took a turn for the better. Firstly, the bass has better quality and quantity, going down deeper than UM2. The customs started showing more details without being too detailed and giving an even wider sound stage than the UM2. The mids are now so much richer and fuller, making it an excellent phones for acoustic pieces, however, the much boosted mids made the lack of highs stand out even more. Will be writing further in detail when I've got the time Sorry for the much delay to those who wanted to hear how it sounds. =)
  8. sHaRkKaE

    My new toy

    I'll try my best to get a review done asap, currently having a busy and taxing schedule due to the new intake. By the 26th, I should be able to have something done up. Sorry for the delay in review.
  9. sHaRkKaE

    My new toy

    That is soo good to hear, sadly I can only come at the end of the month. =(
  10. sHaRkKaE

    My new toy

    Hi Aron, Any updates on the status of the process?
  11. sHaRkKaE

    Ear impressions

    Wah digisound still as ex as ever? I think as long as the customer doesn't move much whilst taking the impression, the accuracy of the impression should be there.
  12. sHaRkKaE

    My new toy

    shouldn't be impossible i guess...though its a mystery where the driver will sit to provide the most efficient sound path to your ears.
  13. sHaRkKaE

    Ear impressions

    Hey blacklistor, I experienced the same feeling during my 1st and 2nd time making ear impressions, however during the 3rd time, i felt no such pain. The pain could also come from the substance sticking onto the remaining ear wax.
  14. sHaRkKaE

    recommendations for new player

    No love for the meizu M6?
  15. sHaRkKaE

    Ear impressions

    Hey hellfire112, the audiologist at ngee ann city provides a biting block. So you might wanna consider going over there instead. Having my impressions taken there later.