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  1. I too agree that the new mylars aren't that good as the previous batches. However, there is a x3lb or less bass version which is comparable to the x3. I guess the new models are catered to the bass loving punk rock/alternative guys. On the SE530, it represents the sennheiser sound signature due to the roll off at the highs. But the one that wins is the fit. I have never had a better fitting universal iem. But for classical, the UE Triple-Fi 10 does have better mids.
  2. Selling a 3m long 1/4 jack terminated Cardas Headphone Interconnect (HPI). Date of purchase 15/03/07. Reciept is from Coherence Audio. Warranty is limited lifetime by Cardas. Condition is 8/10. Selling for SOLD Interested Parties, please PM me. Thanks! SOLD
  3. Maybe you could state whats your budget? It helps us to see what might fit it.
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    If you want to try your luck, Jaben might have one or two corda amps around. He used to have a corda opera and cantate. Tested both but didnt like its sound. Prefered the more musical lehmann audio black cube linear
  5. If you are looking for headphone stuff, then do check of Jaben Network. Its located at The Adelphi its on the 4th floor. If you are into speaker setups, majority of shops there specialise in them. Happy browsing and shopping! and don't forget to claim back your GST (goods and services tax) when you leave Singapore
  6. If i am not mistaken, going balanced would also require your source to be balanced. this would then maximise the benefits of having balanced headphones.
  7. WTS - Want To Sell Description of Item : RWA iMod 30GB 4th Generation Condition : 7/10. It has slight scratches on the back of it. Comes with screen protector and sillicon skin. Warranty : Got it in June. I am not too sure of the warranty from RWA. Selling price : SOLD Preferred Location : Kembangan or Jaben Preferred Mode of Contact : PM Me Contact Detail : PM Me SOLD Selling due to intention of going super portable. Ipod touch is good enough for me. Sincere buyers only. This package will include the imod itself, a white silicon skin, usb cable and usb power adapter DO NOT THAT THERE IS NOT WARRANTY FROM APPLE SINGAPORE! its from red wine audio. Here's a pic when I first got it. It comes with the RWA Imod Tag on its back.
  8. With regards to the Van Den Hul cable. Just get the rca jacks and whatever else you need, go to Kingsley on the 4th floor and but like 2 meters of the silver hybrid and they will make for you FOC.
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