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  1. Silver pair of concerto and stagedac for sale. $950 for both
  2. Wanna sell a pair of Concerto and StageDAC, Silver color, still under warranty. Price revised. Asking $1050
  3. gtl

    Audeze LCD 2

    So is the price competitive with getting it yourself from the US?
  4. From my experience, the triple fi has the best treble among the se530 and the westone3. The um3x imho is quite good for woman vocals as well.
  5. Try it out first. When I got my SF5 pro years ago, I loved the sound but the fit was terrible. The westones are much better in that regard.
  6. Hi there, have you ever considered getting another earphone if the MDR 700 didn't match up to your expectations on the ibasso D10? Personally, I use the JH13 straight from my iPhone. No amp required. If you are already considering getting the JH16, I suggest getting it first and put a hold on the amp. Or the ES5s. Which Can be had for around $1500 including shipping from the dealer in Singapore. Plus they would take care of shipping on refits!
  7. Hi there, then get one. Whats stopping you? Are you asking for recommendations or something? Budget? Do you require a DAC for listening through your PC?
  8. I would go with stereo. Great service and proven track record with Unique Melody. Why risk jaben and crossroads?
  9. I love the pico DAC. But I find their amps so so. The problem I have is all my music is in ALAC, which won't work on hifiman. If you have them in flac or mp3, go ahead and get the hifiman. IMHO.
  10. gtl


    be warned of jaben's prices
  11. Thanks for the reply. Assuming I were to do this myself, could i get all the parts off AMB audio? Or do i have to go thru mouser and digikey for certain components? Also the enclosure from the RS Singapore website fits?
  12. can anyone advice on how much is it to get all the parts to build a y2? a ballpark figure is good. considering diying one or ordering from MisterX at 360USD + shipping. Thanks!
  13. Anyone got any SXC cable? Interested in making a low profile LOD for my iphone.
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