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  1. Yes, David really knows the right stuff to match Audeze. But I'm totally impressed with Mr TS Lim, Diva Goya latest headphone amp. It was too good to be true for me, totally musical. I've tested it with Cantonese opera, western classical & Japanese vocal. Just place an order, since last week, might take a month for delivery to me in Perth, as CNY is just round the corner. Anyway, good things are worth waiting for just like LCD3..
  2. 2 thumbs up for a very musical amp.
  3. I started this thread last year on Jan 4. This year, I had another fantastic sales service from Mr David Tan for my LCD3! He met up with me 3 times, 1st time for a loan set to listen to it, 2nd time for delivery & finally 3rd time for my request to change to a travel case. Through our chatting, we realize we have another common interest....red wine... LCD3 is indeed a big improvement from my LCD2-rev1 and let's hope next year today, I don't have to upgrade LCD4... Nevertheless, Woo Audio is next on my list......sometime mid of this year
  4. Well said, after all each of us have a different pair of ears & sensitivity towards music. For me, I will be trying out the LCD-3 during Christmas.
  5. Item sold, thread close.
  6. Not much time to appreciate it, with the arrival of my bb girl. Description of Item : westone 3 Condition : 9, comes with original box and accessories, well taken care. Warranty : more than 1 year, personal warranty 7 days. Selling price : $280. Preferred Location : city area Preferred Mode of Contact : PM me
  7. I'm using TWag on my LCD-2. Initially the run-in period (about 300 hrs), the soundstaging is just so-so. But once after that, I'm totally impressed! Much better response in both high and low frequency, comparing to both versions of the stock cable. As I mainly listen to vocal and classical music, its mid-range response is simply
  8. Hi Mr Nobody, how's the refund on the Cardas wire, after 2 weeks of working on it......
  9. Mr Nobody, how's the outcome of the Cardas wire refund? I'm currently overseas again. As mentioned, I don't need it, just requesting for the refund to avoid unnecessary delay. Thx.
  10. Hi, let's fix meetup on Wed(Mar 2), Cityhall MRT@ 5pm, I've sms you my contact, please reply to confirm, thanks for finally replying me, been calling you today without response.
  11. Hi, anyone collected your stuff for the 2nd MO? I received an email from Mr Nobody and replied with my suggested date of meetup. But since then, nothing heard, even tried SMS him.
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