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  1. I hope I'll get mine before the end of the month
  2. Singapura

    player for mac?

    iTunes for OSX is not the bloated app it is on the PC. It's quite good actually.
  3. I've been trying to access to FS subforum at Echoloft but it has been down for quite a while now. The frontpage is still up though.
  4. No, I wish it were possible. There's one exeception; the Wadia iTransport. This device contains a special chip that allows bypassing the iPod's internal DAC. Now if only they would make a portable version...
  5. Forums are ususally not a democracy. The moderator decides what is accetable or not. Deal with it or get out, I'd say.
  6. I don't agree. This forum is an information source where members contribute. It's not a sales forum like adpost. If you have contributed by posting, I think the B/S subforum adds value. Most forums I post on have a minimum contribution requirement before you can start selling your stuff.
  7. http://www.rapidrepair.com/shop/3017-hard-...-mk8009gah.html
  8. I have too many portable items so up for sale is my precious AE 2 with 60GB iMod. Advantage of this generation is that the caps are inside the casing so you don't need a special IC. Willing to trade for a Sennheiser HD650 in good condition. Description of Item : White iMod 4G, 60 Gig Condition : Technical 9/10 (motherboard was just repaired), optical 7/10 (scratches on front and back) Warranty : Directly from Redwine Audio Comes with firewire charger cable. Description of Item : Bronze HeadAmp AE 2 Condition : 9/10 Warranty : Not any more but Head Amp isn't very fussy with giving warranty. I'll give a week personal warranty. Comes with charger. Selling price Traded for a nice HD650! Preferred Location : Tanjong Pagar/Raffles Place MRT Preferred Mode of Contact : PM
  9. Why don't you have Shures on your list? I listen to a lot of rock (from soft to death metal) and my E500s are the best when it comes to percussion and guitars. For SGD 820 it won't be hard to find a pair.
  10. Both Miffy and the iQube come from The Netherlands so they should have good synergy together.
  11. This might sound stupid but why don't you buy it at that site?
  12. My main question would be "does it support an external DAC?".
  13. Nice amp but way too expensive.
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