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  1. Are these fake ?

    my view is, if it is cheap and good, why not? we are not like the ladies showing off LV prada everyday.
  2. Taobao Group Buy

    so how people? shall i get few pairs first? then we share share?
  3. Sourcing for Grado parts

    eh.. really ah? i need a shell like this can or not?
  4. Taobao Group Buy

    wow... looks like quite a number of you want to DIY headphones.. haha
  5. DIY headphones

    the sound is quite boomy but not exactly that bad.. it kinda become overly bassy...
  6. Taobao Group Buy

    since no one interested i shall close the order then..
  7. Taobao Group Buy

    it is per pair. it says titanium coated diaphragm
  8. Taobao Group Buy

    Hi people, I am buying a T-amp from Taobao to drive my planar headphones, anyone want to join in to buy together? especially those who doesn't know chinese, I am free to help you search for things. FYI: I am buying this: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=12419435553 Shipping by air is about 6 bucks per kg. PM me.
  9. DIY headphones

    not really.. at 43 ohm.. an iphone can drive it pretty well PM me suggest time and place..
  10. Sourcing for Grado parts

    i got a pair of fake ATH ESW9, if you like to use it to mod. http://www.head-fi.org/t/436310/pls-help-m...und-from-paypal
  11. wtb headphone drivers

    http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=10856841791 shipping can be found here: http://www.echoloft.com/cgi-bin/buysell2/Y...&num=1319795703
  12. DIY headphones

    why don't i lend to try for few days... and see how it goes.
  13. **Mod edit** This technically shouldn't be posted here as Classifieds rules forbid this post. However I recognise this info may be useful for some members. Can TGR please post this in the appropriate forum, with a link to this thread? Thanks **end Mod edit** in case the seller sold out... it is available here as well: http://item.tmall.com/item.htm?id=13038468743 http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=8034813671 but you gonna ship them here
  14. DIY headphones

    yeah man.. the cost should be just 20 bucks to make this.. wondering any folks here want to invest..LOL
  15. DIY headphones

    This is a pure DIY headphone. Beside the drivers, supposedly from the AKG OEM factory, the entire headphone is made of clothes, paper, sponge, hand-sow leather headband, stainless steel plates, wire mash and DIY ear cup. It sounds like a product of crazy DIYer, but he is in fact an ex engineer from an audio factory in China. He took up the challenge to reproduce the sound of premium headphones with readily available material and make them at home! I managed to find this man online and persuaded him to make one for me. He is also the guy who help me finished my other planar headphone. I just gave it a try; it only cost me $80 something including air shipping, who knows it might turn out to be a good venture after witnessing successful example, crossroad by Jaben, LOL. According to Mr. Q, the maker, this headphone is intended to sound like HD600, with laidback, warm, relax characteristics. The sound driver is heavily modded with added neodymium magnet and glue on diaphragm to reduce the high sibilance etc. Physical Build: Despite it is made of junk IMO, it is hella piece of solid sh*t. The stainless steel plate holds everything nicely. The earcup particularly, with sponge + clothe combo, is very comfortable to put on for long time. The pressure on ear is not too bad either, it covers the entire the ear nicely, at least better than my experience with HD600, it is something similar to DT880 I had before. The downside is the headphone weight almost 400g!! A little bit too heavy I think. Sound: Bass: This supposed to be the best feature of this headphone, but I find it a little bit weird after prolonged listening. When I put on it was all great with overwhelming solid fast bass, not too deep, but the quantity is good enough to feel life-like. The good bass however comes with sacrifice of upper ranges; I will describe it in the mid and high section. Mid: Mid is particularly good for male vocal. Guitars and piano sounds great with the added reverb kind of effect. The high gets rolled off when it moves up the ranges, violins and female voices don’t shine here. The end result is like some thick warm sound, but yet, the dynamic is pretty fast. High: There are only 2 possibilities, either the bass overwhelms the high, or the high is rolled to make the bass stands out. Either way, the high does not excel. Conclusion: I think the sound quality worth at least 200 bucks or so. In China, so far only HiFiman managed to produce a fullsize headphone, Yuin has struggled hard to make one but no result thus far. There're many small firms and startups trying to produce amp and dac, but it is rare to see someone who can produce headphones. If you are interested in trying out the headphone do let me know, may be a new small business venture is on its way.