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  1. they did a short cover of Bronski Beat's smalltown boy.
  2. blown away by the subterranean bass. hair-stand all the way. 45min of pure short bliss, one of the best debut albums ever. still can't believe they're so young. the stall foyer crowd all heck-care chiong to the front for a close glimpse of their heroes during Intro, nothing security could do. too bad for those who kena front seats haha. florence had the most irritating wail. din even stay till the end, my ears were shot.
  3. the bass on last minute of track 7 is like a free massage, if ur system can hack it!
  4. can't wait for their gig at esplanade this sun. u'll get their cover of the late Aaliyah's 'hot like fire' on the LP. and the latest CD pressing got the bonus disc with a most wonderful cover of Womack & Womack's 'teardrops'.
  5. it's not an opening act but double-bill. lucky for us. Feb 7 MAI TOO LIAO
  6. my album of the year 2009. dun miss their upcoming esplanade gig.
  7. more like TT: Wah si nin lau peh. teh wah ke orh orh hee peng. CDP: Bo ko leng! Bo ko leng! Wah lau peh si liao!!!
  8. that's a lovely sounding deck. who cares what audiophools think? there is never a doubt that a well setup vinyl frontend will trounce the CD.
  9. oh my, the magnum's metal finishing kicks grado's QC to the curbs. lovely.
  10. awesome Ricoh prime lens. the snap focus is like the most useful function ever.
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