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  1. J1 and J2, hard to get and long lead time at mouser. how many do you need? i may have extra but I need to check my inventory first
  2. ya...I can top up to get a drumstick for you Sunday....hmm...Sunday...must watch out for your pm then. mouz, if you don't hear from me, kindly collect my package and I'll arrange the meet up with you. heady, kindly take note
  3. I'm in : 1. mouz - 1 set 2. stephen chung - 1 set 3. jtjy - 1 set 4. blippster - 1 set 5. CCBong - 1 set 6. doubletaps - 1 set 7. direcow - 1 set 8. heady - 1 set 9. adn6244 - 1 set
  4. heady, my apologies for the delay. please let me know if you have added my order in. I just saw/replued your pm today. thanks.
  5. brother...u forgot to count my order la...got 10 buyers already...of course the more the marrier
  6. Sounds good to me. Please add me for y1/y2 each 1 set.
  7. heady & mouz, I'm in too! I know this will happen just a matter of time
  8. Hello, Looking for spoilt headphone...actually looking for the headphone "casing" with headband for a small diy transplant if u have spoilt headphone, let me know please.
  9. Bro,...thought you will get the oven to toast it!!
  10. farnell parts are sorted and enclosure from mouser are with me....
  11. bro...resistors and torx order placed with Farnell. All the parts that I order will be delivered probably by end of next week. So now back to you to get the major component in
  12. order placed with mouser @ S$15.80 per enclosure instead of farnell. Expected date of arrival - Wed/Thurs.
  13. Mouser price is cheaper by S$1 if we order 5 units but out of stock and lead time is 2 weeks Mouser Pricing (SGD) 1: $18.68 5: $15.80 10: $14.63 25: $13.68 50: $13.47 Farnell Pricing (SGD) Qty List Price 1 S$18.34 5 S$16.89 10 S$15.61 25+ S$14.16 by default i assume those expressed interest will go for the black box from Farnell (pricing refer post #1) now we have : mouz - 1 black stephenchung - 1 black duck in the box - 1 black blippster - 1 black adn6244 - 2 black total 6 units if you decided to pull out please let me know by end of tuesday. I'll place the order and hopefully we get everything in before end of next week.
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