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  1. Hey all, was wondering how many here listens to JRock also? Be it visual or non-visual. My favourite band has to be ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION. Although sadly they ain't that well-known here locally(i think) and those that do often only associate them with anime songs (They did the opening themes for Naruto and Full Metal Alchemist) They have so many other great songs too. Other bands to check out could be ELLEGARDEN. They're mainly punk rock but some punk once in a while always feels good. Recently starting to get into STRAIGHTENER as well. Not so well-known bands to check out: ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION ELLEGARDEN STRAIGHTENER CHATMONCHY (ALL GIRL BAND)
  2. Thx for the input =D Thats what my father told me too, to like mix and match. Hmmm.. will take a look at it... Thanks for the links.
  3. Hi all, I'm looking to change my Mini Hi-Fi combo since my current one is about the kick the bucket Can't find any websites that does reviews or whatever so decided to post here seek some advice from you guys Anyone mini hi-fi combos you guys can recommend? Budget should be around 850 max. I listen to mainly rock,instrumental and some pop. Thanks for any replies Edit: Crap i just saw the the sub-section for Hi-Fi >_< Sorry for posting it here, maybe someone can post it there?
  4. Hey guys, new here and 1st post Hmmm i'm actually looking to get a new pair of headphones/earphones since my ATH ES-5 is kinda dying on me. (Right side ocassionally no sound liao) I'm kinda fond of my ES-5 too. I'm mostly using it for my portable audio(iPod) and me budget is around 120. I listen to rock,pop and some instrumental. Thx for any suggestions~
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