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  1. dreaming


    Thanks for the introduction. I've been a Grado fans and have been looking for a replacement. so far, there's none. will drop by MBD.
  2. dreaming


    Rameish, Thanks. i confused with the many series. eg, high-end series OMEGA(SR-007mk2), New A series LAMBDA (SR-507,SR- 407,SR- 307), SHOULD I go for the ear speakers system (SRS-4170,SRS-3170,SRS-2170,SRS-005S)? i am not sure what MBD carry now, and would like to walk in with some knowledge and understanding on STAX. how much is a Stax Omega SR-007 Mk II with the 007t Mk II amp?
  3. dreaming


    how does the STAX headphone sounds like? does it sound like a open-can?
  4. dreaming

    Glow Audio Amp One

    ical, nope. seems like it irk when someone brings up a nice equipment to attention. this is uncalled-for; been to many forums, most are keen to share what is new in the market. btw, 14th April 2007 registered; raindrop audio ain't born yet. nonetheless, raindrop audio do have a nice setup such as guru+ayon+RWA and a nice ambient.
  5. dreaming

    Glow Audio Amp One

    heady, you are a conscientious moderator. well done. could you delete off this whole thread?
  6. dreaming

    Glow Audio Amp One

    well, i ain't no dealer. simply hobbyist.
  7. dreaming

    Glow Audio Amp One

    Glow Audio Amp One, great amplifier with USB input... headphone out
  8. dreaming

    Share your audio tweaks

    of course, the side wooden panel especially. i couldn't hold it and brought it home; not from AN but from SoundScape. AN priced way too high. Tried the headphone jack, find that it is loose fitting. sweet mid, very musical.
  9. dreaming

    Hanging my AD500?

    why not try large 3M picture hanging tag..
  10. dreaming

    Dugood Headphone amplifier / preamp

    pretty old thread. it's a fine preamp with 2 output, so u can A/B different cans at the same time. last check with Robert, they still carry it. can upgrade the components within
  11. dreaming

    Pics: Show Off Your Home Rigs

    thanks, jig_sg.. will call MBD/CF for more information.
  12. dreaming

    Alessandro MS-1 with which pad?

    change to flat all-cover pads, for comfort! roughly 15bucks at Japen
  13. dreaming

    Pics: Show Off Your Home Rigs

    nicely done setup, neat and simple what rack is that? mind to share where, how, to get them, pricing too? TIA
  14. dreaming

    Do You Spend More on Headphones or Amps?

    would dump all into the headphone.. jus look for one that is easily driven (low Ohms)..
  15. dreaming

    ***MOD DELETE***

    ***MOD DELETE*** No posting of WTS ads by newbies. Read the rules, man.