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  1. 1499 SGD. Dual 100 watts transfomer/Mcaps/brush alu chassis and telefunken tubes.
  2. Don't know, lend me your HE6 and I can tell you.
  3. would love to let you listen to them, but sadly you're not free..
  4. http://s3.amazonaws.com/twitpic/photos/ful...HzBxdCMV5npI%3D German orgy... added to the array GMP 160/400/435s and 8.35d.. I feel like a kid in a candy store with free access to any kind of sweet I wish to try and keep trying.. Summary - GMP 160 - great portable cans, bass is bigger than the cans. Again no driver feel. Very involving, excels the best in rock.. bass can't cut it for hip hop. GMP 435s - Basshead cans but in a very pleasant "audiophile" way. Deep full bass without much hump. Open can feel with close can bass.. need I say more? More forgiving to lousy recording compared to the 450pro. But overall very nice for rock and hiphop.. GMP 400 - Refined but softer imagine. very nice for classical or live music, bass is very polite but yet commands authority. Still share the great microdetails but more airy. Overall my picks in order of preference - 450pro/435s/400/160/240 ( beyer sound alike) These are like sex in the ear....
  5. After some analyzing, there is a few strengths to this brand in terms of construction - Headband is the same - same mold same design Construction is the same - Size of the cups are exactly the same dimension the only different build is the GMP160 and GMP8.35d Only thing that varies - type of cups, some open some alu some open alu depending on series. The most important thing that you're paying for is the technology of the drivers. So basically you can put alot of precision and quality of material(high quality plastic) in the injection mold. Easier to control quality and cheaper to produce since you only have a standard mold for the head band and little variation with the cups. If not for the elastic used for the suspension system - I would give it 5 years warranty confidently and it still won't spoil.. Only the elastic would wear out however the pvc leather band support is very well made and sturdy. I would go as far as to say that even if i drop it, my heart won't ache because the parts can be easily replace by yourself and you know it won't spoil. From experience with dealing with alot of headphones and iems, the cable is very robust and the molding for the 3.5 jack and Y split has been design to take abuse. Very solid piece of equipment - I post some pics when I get the time. The only draw back is that it isn't sexy or consumer ready product, this is seriously made for enthusiast and those serious about sound who can't give a crap about looks. The priority is developing the driver technology and the design of the sound to be consistent yet having different presentation and aesthetics is rank way below. If you're an aesthetics person, you'll give this brand a miss because I don't think even your wife/gf won't be caught dead wearing it in public.
  6. You can get thru me. Just PM or email.. Either one of my contact below.. =)
  7. Got these 2 cans and loving it. Pairing it with my tiny tubes dac and it was magical experience - no shilling http://www.german-maestro.de/EN/headphones.htm Typical german technology - Simplistic, innovative and very high quality. Best part is that it is very cheap for this kind of cans - $458 for their flagship 450pro. Still burning in but this is my impressions so far - If you're tweaker/modder, this is like the honda civics of headphone world. Very easy to dismantle and resemble Balance mod/recabling/tweaking the dampening and even even swapping the housing just for fun. The possibilities is endless. The suspension system is very innovative. It fits to your face, if you got rounder face, the suspension system fits nicely without clamping like a pregnant dog and giving you a headache This is my Foil hybrid V1 extension 3.5 to 3.5..this is to shave off the harshness and add more fuller tone to the mids and bass plus add musicality without bloating.
  8. Next batch will be opening up soon. First 10 (max) who send in their impressions will get a $5 discount if its sent before the 1st of april 2011. What are you waiting for? Book your slots now to avoid disappointment.
  9. If you're interested please contact me @ theaudiohub@gmail.com Or come visit the facebook page - www.facebook.com/theaudiohub Gcustoms Reshelling services for your Ultimate Ears Triplefi 10 pro. The Audiohub is offering reshelling services that boast fast turn around time - Fastest in singapore and professional services to reshell your IEMs. We have innovated a fair way of pricing that will suit your needs. There is 2 ways to go about reshelling your TF10p - Batching and Platinum Batching - During batching, we will open a batch for all who are interested in reshelling and this will have different turn around times depending on price and requirements of our customers. Batching benefits people who do not want to spend so much but yet still want to reshell their TF10p for their own reasons - fit problems, want a nice cool looking custom IEM etc. Each batch consist of 10 pairs and/or 3-4 weeks waiting time. There is two tiers within this- Basic and Premium. Basic Basic pricing will be $119 + $15 for shipping. Basic tier will be the lowest of priority and will have turn around time of up to 8 weeks. Only when the premium is done, basic tier will be start reshelling and will only be sent back to Singapore once all of the basic reshelling is done. Premium Premium pricing will be $149 + $25 for shipping. Premium tier will go first when sent to Gcustoms for reshelling for batching. Once the reshelling is done, the IEMs will be shipped back immediately to Singapore for collection. Premium will only happen when there are 2-3 (Max) within batching if not, it will automatically be downgraded to basic. Platinum Platinum pricing will be $219 + $50 for shipping. Platinum is for people who can afford quality service and want the fastest turn around time. Impressions and IEMs are picked up at their door step, and shipped to Gcustoms immediately. Platinum will take highest priority even ongoing batching, and once it is done it will be shipped back straight to your doorstep. Custom Artwork - Custom art is laser etched and not vinyl printed therefore complexity needs to scale back. It is best to keep it simple so that your art do not become a messy blob. Charges for custom artwork $40 for same picture for both side. $60 for different picture on each side. Please note - We do not provide impressions service - Please go down to a trained audiologist to do your impression. If you're doing a impression, do an open jaw impression Please follow this guide on youtube - If you're interested please contact me @ theaudiohub@gmail.com Or come visit the facebook page - www.facebook.com/theaudiohub Here are some sample of Gcustom works with the first batch
  10. Preorder prices are at only $199 for this great sound USB DAC/Preamp and Headphone amp - SRP $249 Press release - The Tiny Tube DAC is a tube buffered USB DAC, that plays up to 24/48 using the miconas chip. It uses the Psvane 12AT7 tube and runs on a 240v AC adapter native to Singapore. It is a musical dac that works great as a preamp to intergrated amp and also a great source to connect your laptop for computer audiophiles! It has a headphone amp using the high quality - TPA6120A2 chip for headphone out that is sufficient to power headphones up to 300 ohms Specifications: ●Input Z:Line Input 15KΩ ●Output Z:10Ω ●Line Input Sensitivity:400mV±50mV ●Frequency Response:9Hz-160KHz -3dB 30Hz-30KHz 0dB ●SNR(Typical:>=90dB ●THD+N,1KHz:<0.06%,100mW into 8Ω ●SMPTE IMD: <0.06%,100mW into 8Ω ●Net Weight:0.5Kg ●Dimensions:L104mm x W92mm *H 62mm ●External Powe:12VAC 800mA,5.5*2.1 Power Jack ●Usable Headphone Impedance Range:8-1000Ω Preorder prices are at only $199 for this great sound USB DAC/Preamp and Headphone amp - SRP $249 Only 8 units left - 12 have been sold already! If you're interested please contact me @ theaudiohub@gmail.com Or come visit the facebook page - www.facebook.com/theaudiohub
  11. update on the Tiny tube - Currently in progress is that the psvane tubes are under testing -- Received them at about 8am in the morning, going to let it burn in for 48 hours straight together with a fresh shuguang prior to doing sound assessment. Redesigned the interface also -
  12. hybrid is a SS + tube stage. It has the tube biasing for the sound but the robustness of the SS. this maybe cheaper for most people to have as it's cheaper to make a full SS than a tube power amp. (Tubes need a good transformer and a high voltage one) The sonic difference is that you get the mids of the tubes yet the highs and lows of the SS. Personally after hearing a full tube setup, the hybrid can pass off if you do not know what full tube amps sound like - Pre and power.. If you've heard a full tube setup, you will never compromise or have a hard time reconciling the SS and the tube sound because it sounds quite unnatural - the SS tends to over power the tubes. Personally I've heard the LD and I don't like it, it is too weak to drive some cans fully. For tubes, the bigger the tubes are the better it sounds - hence most highend hifi sets are using at least the 300b for their monoblocs.
  13. What's up? There are many things happening for the past month, I've been terribly busy trying designing and redesigning the TF10p cable to make it better and better. I have been communicating with all the buyers extensively to try to find out where I could have improved and always getting feedback from the ground. What's going to happening in the next few months? The Uber Muzik Tiny Tube DAC has been tried and tested, from Singapore all the way to Malaysia and has been extensively auditioned by numerous audioholics. We have taken the feedbacks and tried to improve it, making it better and better. We'll be launching the pre-orders soon as we await for Chinese New Year to end and the factories start to open. Pre-orders prices will be SGD $199, Suggested Retail Price is SGD $249 We will have 20 pieces up for preorders - Do not miss out on this offer for this great sounding portable tube DAC! The improved version of the Uber Muzik Tiny Tube DAC will be with a premium tube - Psvane 12AT7-T Theres more! There are more products coming out for the Uber Muzik Amps however we want to make sure that it has been tested properly and you don't buy a lemon. We're going into Alpha testing of 2 mid and high end amps soon and we promise that it will not disappointed - These are for mid to high end headphones users who want a Tube headphone amp and also a pre amp for their speaker setup. Wait theres more! G-Customs is officially open for business - Due to popular demand, we're implementing this service on 14th of February - Yes Valentine's day. Just to kick start this service, we'll be upgrading all those who are opting for the Basic tier reshelling to the Premium service for free however we'll compromise on the turn around time to 6 weeks and 5 pieces. Offers is for a limited time only! Uber Kabel Apollo and Fantasy 4 and 8 The Uber Kabel Apollo has been a success and Zeus is in the works, Apollo has in it's beta testing stage and has been designed with the Tube sound in mind. If you're interested to trial this for your tube setup, let me know and I can pass it to you for a home trial! Facebook If you're finding that the Blog content has been updated less frequently, that's because the good stuff are in the facebook. I prefer to use facebook now as it is faster and easier to update on news and information. The blog will serve as a place where I note down my findings and wish to show everyone but the facebook is a community where everyone gets to chip in on their opinions. So Please come by the Facebook page and hang out there - http://www.facebook.com/theaudiohub Also I have a twitter feed - http://twitter.com/#!/audiohub where I note down some of my thoughts and do a little micro-blogging. Before I forget.. Happy Chinese New Year - Wishing you Properity and Good Health for 2011!!! http://audiohub.com.sg/annoucements/whats-...b-for-february/
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