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    senn hd 580 koss porta pro
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    total airhead
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    zen nx ipod mini
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    marantz cd17 roksan caspian
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    wav all the way
  1. ogoi

    The MIG-15

    Thumbs up for MIG 15. Can beat some commercial amps out there!! Still using it.
  2. ogoi

    Where to get 4G Ipod

    I rockboxed it a(ipd 4G) and listen using a headphone amp (I use the Hornet) with music encoded with FLAC and wave - it is OK, I guess. Just don't have the details and extension that I want. I also tried using a Pana portable CDP - the sound is suprisingly good. I also listen via a Zen NX using wave encoding - slightly better that ipod. I never use ipod menu but did listen to my daughter's ipod mini - sounded terrible. Song frm itunes too low a bitrate.
  3. ogoi

    Total Bithead

    I have an Airhead bought from US. I fed it through a Zen NX using WAV and 329 kb. I was happy with it. It is sturdy but not much of a looker. But compared to my Hornet (must really burn-in), the I think the Hornet wins.
  4. ogoi

    Where to get 4G Ipod

    Thanks. Just rockboxed it. Sending to RWA soon.
  5. ogoi

    Where to get 4G Ipod

    Just got the ipod this afternoon. Wow! that was fast!!! I think it is brand new and it is 4G (shiny back). Now can rockbox and imod. He he he !
  6. ogoi

    Where to get 4G Ipod

    Thanks for info. I just ordered.
  7. ogoi

    Where to get 4G Ipod

    Hi. Where can I get the Ipod 4G? Does APPLE store have them? I am thinking of sending to RedWine to mod. I just missed the last stock from ALO Audio. Thanks.
  8. ogoi

    RSA Tomahawk or Hornet?

    Any one has any idea when the Hornets are coming at Jaben?
  9. ogoi

    Imod or not?

    Yeah, I have listened to ipod 128 kbps that belonged to my daughter and how on earth these kids can `tahan' such sound quality is beyond me. Also quite amusing that scottiebabie say `my dear boy' bec I have 3 kids already! As I have mentioned, SONY did have an audiophile Walkman called the Walkman Pro. That was ages ago before scottiebabie was even born I guess!
  10. A1 at $2600? Got discount or not? Then you need to but a good cdp and a top range headphone. Anyway anyone have demo the A1? Any impressions? Thanks.
  11. ogoi

    Imod or not?

    So back to the question . . . is there a DAP that rivals or at least comes close to the iMod. And why don't manufacturers come up with an audiopbile player. Long ago Sony did it with the cassette walkman, it was called the Walkman Pro.
  12. ogoi

    Rock Bands to recommend?

    Love YES, Genesis (up to Duke album), Pink Floyd and Led Zep.
  13. ogoi

    RSA Tomahawk or Hornet?

    Just ordered the Hornet. Now no choice but to get the imod. I saw the Beyer A1 at Jaben. Anyone can comment on it?
  14. ogoi

    Imod or not?

    I am looking forward to the day when when one of our own guy do this kind of mod on a commercial basis. So scottiebabie keep us posted. But can the imod really be so good as most of us encode (even at the highest quality) using a cd rom which most of the time are flimsy stuff. If that is the case, then a budget CDP should sound better.
  15. Thanks for informative reply. Where is the best place to get iAudio X5L? It seems quite rare in S'pore? The more I read about iMod, the more tempting it gets. Looks like its the best DAP out there? How about Creative products? Thanks a million.