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  1. Anyone here in Singapore got the experience with Stefan AudioArt Equinox cable?
  2. Sadly I gonna part with my HD650 very soon.
  3. I will have Woo Audio 6 SE up for sale soon.
  4. I recommend MHDT Havana which will be available on Classified soon..
  5. Quote me the price for a 3 channel Balance/SE plus 3 channel dedicated PSU complete. Planning to pair this with a K1000. Await your PM.
  6. Well done. Wonder how much it cost in total to build this Power Tank? Any chance of mass production??
  7. It looks like a CD3. It looks like a CD3.
  8. SilClear is the cheapest tweak with results that I recently found.
  9. How much would you offer for a month old Paradisea 3 Limited Edition?
  10. Is the Grado GS1K with slider modification? It appears to have a L/R screw.
  11. The cable alone cost US$ 259 before shipping, custom and duties. The upgrade cable is not as dull as the stock and it is more dynamic when it was out of the box. The bass is much controlled and mid is sweet after 100 hours of breaking in. It is worth the upgrade if budget is not a constraint asn the upgrade extend the SQ to another dimension without stock cable limitation.
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