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    SR60, LH-365, HP-AV373
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    XOHA-RHP (sold), little-dot2
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    Sony NWZ-S615F, Philips SD300 CD player, Panasonic SL SX-510
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    National Cassette Deck, Sansui A-80, Sherwood AD220B, Sherwood CD345 Casette Deck
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    SR60/ MX160/ LH-365 + little-dot2+ Panasonic SL SX-510... MX160/ SR60 + NWZ-S615F Sansui A-80 + LH-365/ SR60...
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    Music, loads of DIY and reading...
  1. Fuzzy Fuzzbucket

    WTS - Yamaha Amplifier Receiver RX-E600

    Description of Item : Yamaha Amplifier Receiver RX-E600 (has got inputs for DVD, MD, Tape, Aux and Tuner function.) Drives 6 Ohm speakers. Condition : 6/10 rarely used - Excellent condition, without remote. Warranty : NIL Selling price : $250 nego Preferred Location : Woodlands MRT and nearby areas. Preferred Mode of Contact : Wapp, SMS @ niner 634 3423 Pic is not the actual set, just for illustration.
  2. Fuzzy Fuzzbucket

    Pics: Show Off Your Home Rigs

    my my everything now seems tempting to me HAHA argh i miss my tubes
  3. Fuzzy Fuzzbucket

    Pics: Show Off Your Home Rigs

    man those grados look cool left audio for more than 6 months and now back to see whats new. i'm now lost back to a noob again? haha congrats for those new grados
  4. Fuzzy Fuzzbucket

    Pics: Show Off Your Home Rigs

    yea need to get some new donuts. those were since 2007. anyway i love my power amp [attachmentid=4185] going vintage
  5. Fuzzy Fuzzbucket

    Pics: Show Off Your Home Rigs

    few years back they were selling this brand EKO on the streets. i got those EKO floorstanders from secondhand vendor for like 60. those were new but the build was kinda awful like shortage of glue. i had to apply loads of glue from the inside, line damper sponge in the cabinet, redesign the crossovers and some other i cant recall what. the Orix one are build far better. no prob with them so far. soon maybe appearing at secondhand shops. just took my grado out from its box. been sleeping for months. the donuts laohong already and shredding....
  6. Fuzzy Fuzzbucket

    Pics: Show Off Your Home Rigs

    ORiX CY3300 paid 300 for floorstanders, surrounds and center. well maybe its about time i send my older floorstanders to my uncle. his Mordaunt Short bookshelf speakers are in a bad shape already. not forgetting they have to power a huge living room. haven't tried the surrounds and center yet. maybe fixing them to the AV amp in the living room some time soon. those vans are still around yea
  7. Fuzzy Fuzzbucket

    Pics: Show Off Your Home Rigs

    hi back from months was a victim of the white van scam few days back. how stupid of me [attachmentid=4183] [attachmentid=4184] but i think they sound ok for my room
  8. Fuzzy Fuzzbucket

    WTS - Senn HD215

    Description of Item : Senn Hd215 Condition : 7/10, a year old, rarely used, minor scratches. Warranty : Ended Selling price : $100 Firm Preferred Location : Chua Chu Kang, Bukit Panjang, Dover Mrt Preferred Mode of Contact : SMS Contact Detail : 98317558
  9. Fuzzy Fuzzbucket

    Word Association

  10. Fuzzy Fuzzbucket

    RE: where got sell TUBE AMP

    oh my dats one gorgeous looking amp nope no clue at all sorry
  11. Fuzzy Fuzzbucket

    need help! darkvoice/littledot tubes in sg

    i remember correctly no place in sg sells tubes starting with the code '1' and '4' infront. tubes like 1s5, 1b2, cv131 almost none in sg. burlington don hav much really.
  12. Fuzzy Fuzzbucket

    need help! darkvoice/littledot tubes in sg

    which tubes anyway? if you're talking about 4P1S, not sold locally.
  13. Fuzzy Fuzzbucket

    Anyone getting bored of this headphone obsession?

    i have "SEASONs" too man. hoho it seems like youre into something now, something else back then and then another bug carrying some other venom bit you in the head causing you to fall into another trans like state doing some stuff u wouldnt think you'd do at this point of time. my dad introduced me to cassette decks, power amps and speakers years ago. then i was hunting down for cables and all those stuff. not long after that, my uncle called me to his house to repair his fluorescent fixtures in his house. 3 of them were faulty. all repaired successfully then i began scrutinizing the fixtures in my house improving whatever possible. then went to secondary school, got more enthusiastic with music. erhu and stuff. got my 1st own erhu, yeah mod this repaired that. which set of strings suit me. silvers, copper alloys, steel, stainless steel or the great wall set. some woodworking. then back to speakers, amps... went to poly, hooked with headphones then into seal carving. how on earth i got to carving stones? i have no idea hahaha forgot all about audiophile stuff and the forums. magazines left in the dust coater. my little dot sent to holiday. my power amp left asleep for abt a month. now back to speakers haha what next? i have no idea haha
  14. Fuzzy Fuzzbucket

    Mini to mini cable

    hoho KIWI CMOYs cute man haha
  15. Fuzzy Fuzzbucket

    the official "Post your setup thread"

    just got my S50 Sansui speakers hoho my room now driven by Sansui A-80 integrated amp