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  1. Dio

    Sony discman

    Hi All, is there anyway where in singapore that still sell old discman. I am looking for the sony d-555.
  2. You can try the ultrasone hfi780. they sound pretty good IMO
  3. Dio


    I took out the sticker to place the skin on. I still have the RWA sticker as prove if you need
  4. Dio


    Hi All, Selling my white color Red Wine Audio iMod 5.5G 80GB including ALO iMod cable and RSA Shadow 1yr old iMod 5.5G with ALO iMod cable Condition: 9.5/10 Color: White No scratches or dents, have protection skin over the ipod Battery can last about 20 hours Price: SOLD RSA Shadow Condition: 9/10 Color: Black Price: SOLD Accessories: pouch & charger
  5. i paid 60 at novena square 2
  6. they have powerful base, maybe even a bit too much for my taste.
  7. Dio

    Westone vs Shure

    Glad u are liking the um3x
  8. The um3x are not that difficult to drive and the D2+ are more than enough to power them. Unless you are listen to really quality production, you can hardly hear any difference in the SQ. There is no line out of the D2+ so getting an amp for it may not help.
  9. Dio

    Westone vs Shure

    I have heard both the 530 and um3x and decided to get the um3x. Sound wise I prefer the more controlled bass and better treble then then 530 althought the mids for the 530 is much smoother and the bass thumping is better. This is all a personal preference, you should give both of them a try first before getting it. The 530 is no longer in production, not too sure if the newer 535 sound the same
  10. Hi All, Selling my Westone UM3X and RSA Mustang to fund a purchase of the JH16pro Item 1: Westone UM3X (SOLD) Condition: 9/10 (includes box and ear moulds) Warranty: purchased Jun 09 Selling Price: $350 Item 2: RSA Mustang (SOLD) Condition: 9/10 Warranty: 1yr+ warranty by Ray Samuels Selling Price: $450
  11. what price are you lookin at?
  12. dun say earlier, already paid for mine
  13. Dio

    Ear impressions

    I just walk in, there was nobody there I went to the one at novena. the young lady there looked so serious...
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