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  1. Yes!!! I learnt what was burnt in , but not drivers :? This place can get really hardcore in terms of head-fi
  2. Yeah I guess that is what I meant!! Something like the Crossroad dock , but I can't seem to find a place selling it. Asked Jaben before already , heard was rare. Also the info david given extremely cheem. Maybe cause I'm 15? I really don't understand anything...
  3. Ever since I was recommended to a place called Jaben Network , I've been shocked to find out how mindblowing music can sound. It started out when I had this free mp3 player in 2005. It was darn cool , I mean portable music without discs...and I never had CDs. It came with some huge stock earphone which never fitted well in my ear and the space was never enough , 256MB. So yeah , I saved hard , and within the same year I got a new one. The Zen Micro 5GB... I saw great reviews and got it. Real cool with the touchpad and stuff... It came with better stock earphones , the EP-480. For months I've been using it til one day it died on me. Screen couldn't boot , totally dead. So then my birthday was around the corner and got myself the Zen Vision:M 30GB. Was so badass at first , videos and music. I'm quite a person who watches anime, so it was good. I've been using it until now , but it had lots of problem. I even RMA it once for fault hardware and sent for repair to repair a cracked LCD screen. Costed me a painful 150 dollars. I never liked the player much anyway. It soon had problems like not being able to convert files and also files don't play properly. Screen would jam at times and etc... I bought this because compared to the iPod video during the time I bought at PC Show , the ZVM produced greater video quality , but likely due to the files being used. Damn , was a bad victim of Creative I had bought their stock earphones 3 times , as they snapped 3 times. Each costing 30 dollars. Until one day I got really angry and asked for advice on another forum. Then I was recommended to go to Jaben Network. Went there , had a fun time testing out earphones. I ended up that day with the AudioTechnica CK-5 for 35 dollars. To think that the SQ had so MUCH DIFFERENCE. I was shocked. After a week I lost the CK-5 due to an incident and returned to Jaben Network. I was compensated though. That time they had some new stuff called Crossroads Mylarone. How great the SQ was. IT was EVEN better , I tried it all the way to my budget allowed and went with the X3. The following week later the uncle there was happy and gave away a set of XB to me. I kinda wanted that one at first as it had great bass. Been using it til now. I was exposed to many new kind of audio equipment such as amplifiers and different kind of eartips. How I wish I got an iPod. Only all these stuff works with an iPod as these amps needed some dock along with a short cable. I wanna try it out one day with my own music. So I was wondering , is it possible to mod a Crossroad dock to fit with the ZVM. I notice the pins are quite similar. I really want to test out amps soon. My current source are the ZVM and Crossroad MylarThree and XB with also some double flanges. I notice that smaller eartips seem to give the best SQ with good fitting. Wondering is it worth to get an iPod or find a way to do a mod? Also what's the meaning of " burning in " and " drivers " ? I have a lot to learn. Is there more stuff I should I know? I'm quite a basshead anyway and got poisoned by the UE super5 EB(or sth like that). 330 dollars is too much for me. Any good recommendation beyond the XB? After trying the EB I feel my XB sounds like average SQ from now on. Basically music has never been so good until now.
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