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  1. Love the work by Nwavguy. More people ought to read his blog posts. Bump for you!
  2. Hi, I have this problem where the right channel does not seem to connect properly to my headphone amplifier. The jack I am using is a 1/4" gold plated Neutrik locking jack. I have previously opened the jack to try to disable the locking mechanism (while building the amp) and I am thinking that might have screwed the jack up. Thus, causing this bad connection. I have tried various 1/4' plugs, bending the spring in the jack, using electrical contact spray, but all their effects does not last and problem crops up again, and its always the right channel. Can someone tell me if there is a problem with my amp? Or is it just a bad jack? I am really going nuts at the amp. p.s. to all looking to build an amplifier - save the trouble and NOT get the Neutrik locking jack, you do not want your amplifier flying either way
  3. Hi Im selling a pair of Denon C751 in black colour; I have too many pairs of IEM/in-ears. It is around 1 year old. There are no scratches on the metal though the brand is slightly rubbed off through normal usage. I still have its original receipt and the original accessories. Pls PM me with your offer!
  4. Is this cable any good? It seems to get recommended a lot on head-fi for budget DIY interconnects.
  5. ezzo

    Olivia Ong

    Yeah!! She has a lovely voice!
  6. Thanks alot guys! I just pulled the trigger on HD555. I suppose AD700 is a better overall but I just want to try the Senns sound ;D
  7. Is it smooooth? Or tend to be on the bright side..?
  8. @osocan Yeah, it seems like HD555 is ideal but again, most people prefer AD700 than HD555. Everyone with a AD700? @jacj6049 Can you comment more about the ultrasones? I have not heard of them myself.
  9. Hi, I tried the MS-1 as well as the cheaper Grados before, I found them too engaging (forward) and somewhat just not my cup of tea. Thus I sold my Grado SR-80 in the end. Thanks for your advice though!
  10. Hi, I am looking to buy a simple iPod LOD, prob something made with mini star quad, neutrik plug or just a 3.5mm adapter. It gotta be durable too...the one I made was really filmsy.. If you have any offers, PM me!
  11. Hi, I am looking to get a open headphone that has a smooth and more laid back characteristic. Something that is suitable to be used amped and not, cos I am just too lazy to fiddle will my comp>dac>amp>headphone most of the time. I have a mini^3 portable amp though, which I seldom use too So far I have found Sennheiser HD555 and Audio-Technica AD700. HD555 seems to fit the bill well but I have not found much in detail about the AD700. I guess my main concern here is its sound signature than high-end fidelity, details etc. I will probably use the phones with all kind of stuff, movies/music/general stuff. Has anyone here had experience with such/similar phones? Thank you!
  12. Hi, I am looking to sell my ~8months old Denon C751 (Black), with receipt, all its accessories and a original packaging, though it depends on the offer. Selling it because I prefer the sound sig of my ER4 with my music. But no doubt the C751 is a awesome phone to rock out with, amped or not. The condition is 9/10, no visible scratches on the phones, only the brand 'DENON' is slightly rubbed off. Interested parties please PM me with your offer!
  13. Hi, I am selling a new CAPDASE Soft Jacket for iPod, Black-grey in colour. It fits both the Classic and 5th Gen, for 160GB version of Classic and 80GB of 5th Gen. It is brand new in its hard shell case/box, Includes a strap and belt clip. Features: EZ DUST-GO Treatment Unbreakable, Anti-scratch Screen Cover Seamless and ultra thin designed for easy control of Click Wheel Interested parties, pls PM me.
  14. Any idea where can I get it at the lowest price?
  15. Hi, I have a brand new Dior Homme D Point Belt for sale. Size: 85 Colour: Beige Material: Leather Guaranteed to be brand new with original pouch and gift bag. Interested party please PM me. Pictures available thru emails. Cheers. ps. any kind souls out there can suggest any free "proper" Ad websites?
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